How to Handle an Alachua County Ticket

Maybe you were cruising just a little too fast on I-75 through Alachua County, Florida. Perhaps you are a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville and were in too much of a hurry. Well, now you don’t just get to attend college in Gainesville, you can attend an Alachua County Florida traffic school.

If you got a ticket in the Gainesville area or anywhere in Alachua County like Archer, Hawthorne or High Springs, a 4-hour Basic Driver Improvement Course can get that ticket expunged from your driving record. Here's the really good news: Your BDI in Alachua County can be satisfied with an online traffic school! But wait, there’s more. Your Alachua County online traffic school course doesn't have to be boring and dull. It can actually be fun and entertaining!

The world famous Traffic School by Improv Comedy Club has anAlachua County approved traffic school, and it can help get those Alachua County traffic tickets dismissed. Now before you send us your money and say "Count me in!" let’s take a few minutes to make sure you have details.

Unless you would rather attend a traffic school in Alachua County Florida in a stuffy classroom full of strangers for hour after hour, an online course is your best choice. Why? Let's review.

  • No stuffy classroom
  • No strangers
  • No hour after hour

In fact, with an Alachua County online course, you can log-in and log-out as you choose. This allows you total control of your class schedule. You can take the course anywhere you have access to the internet. In a hurry? Not a problem. You can start and complete your online course in a single day. You can even print your certificate of completion right from your own computer that very same day!

We give you the opportunity to choose the Alachua County driving school course that is right for you.

  • Choose the Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course.
    This is a 4-hour course that can keep those pesky (and costly) points off of your State of Florida driving record.

  • Select the Court Ordered Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) Course.
    This will fulfill your obligation to the court to attend traffic school in Alachua County Florida.

  • If you got a letter from the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles stating that you must take a Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (TCAC) we have the 4-Hour TCAC just for you.
    This can help you avoid license suspension and meet those DMV requirements.

  • We can also help you comply with any court order that requires you to take an 8 hour Intermediate Driver Improvement and Aggressive Driving Course.

Alachua County traffic school, especially an online traffic school, is a convenient way to fulfill your obligation to the state. It is an easy form of driver education that is affordable and simple to complete. There are restrictions however.
  • You can only use a traffic school option up to 5 times in your entire lifetime.
  • You could not have selected a traffic school option within the past year.
  • You will need to provide a sworn statement to the Alachua Clerk along with your full payment within 30 days of getting your traffic ticket. Then you will get an additional 60 days to finish traffic school and provide proof of completion to the Clerk.
  • Checks should be made out to "Alachua County Clerk of Court". They also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express by phone and online.
  • If you choose the traffic school option but fail to pay and complete the school within the time allowed, you will likely get your license suspended and face additional fines and points.

What are the benefits?

There are multiple benefits to attending a Florida online traffic school. It can help stop points from accumulating on your driving record. It will have your driving record show "adjudication withheld". It could result in savings on your insurance premiums, and you just may get a chuckle or two from the Improv Comedy Traffic School.

Are you eligible? Use the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Traffic School Checker.


Speeding citations are civil infractions. As a non-criminal violation it is not punishable by jail and generally can be disposed of by the payment of a fine and/or by attending a traffic course. Except in circumstances where a violation involves injury, speeds over 30 mph, or in cases that involve leaving a child under six years old alone in a vehicle, a court appearance is not required. In traffic court there is no such option as a "trial by jury" or court-appointed lawyers.

Options available for traffic citations

If your violation is a payable violation as marked on the yellow copy of your traffic ticket, you have 30 days from the date of your ticket to choose one of the options below:
  1. Pay the fine
  2. Enter a not guilty plea and go to court
  3. Attend traffic school.

If you do not act within 30 days of getting your ticket your license may be suspended. You may also face additional fines and fees. There will also be additional costs to get a driver’s license re-instated if it does get suspended.

Citation Payments

By Mail

Check and money orders should be made to the Clerk of the Court. Make the check payable for the amount noted on the citation and write the citation number on the check or money order. Late payments will be charged an additional $23.00 late fee.

In the State of Florida, the Court processes payments.

Via Mail to:

Clerk of the Court
Attn: Traffic Infractions
201 East University Ave.
Gainesville, Florida 32601

Payments In-person:

Alachua County Criminal Justice Center
Clerk's Office-4th Floor
220 S. Main St.
Gainesville, Florida

Hours are Monday thru Friday 8:15 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Online Payments

A service fee will be charged for online payments to the Alachua County Clerk Online Payment Center. You may also use this service to choose the traffic school option.

By Phone

A service fee will be charged for phone payments by telephone with a credit card. Toll Free 877.716.1784 Alachua County Florida Online Traffic School