If you are a speed demon, you are not alone. In matter of fact, former U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant also liked to drive himself around the city at an illegal pace. According to several different sources, Grant was pulled over for speeding on his horse and buggy on three different occasions while galloping around Georgetown. After the police hauled the President down to the station, they were unsure if they could actually charge him because he hadn't been impeached. While Grant may have gotten out of it because he was the President of the U.S., you may be able to laugh your way through the matter by attending Comedy Defensive Driving traffic school.

What Is Defensive Driving A.K.A.Traffic School?

Traffic school, defensive driving courses, driver safety improvement class, etc. originally started in the 1970s in California. These classes were taught by moonlighting police offers in some dark, damp, and probably smelly location. The goal was to teach students various driving and traffic safety skills to make them better and safer drivers. Since teaching isn't an innate skill for police officers, most students spent four to eight hours in a dark basement making a feeble attempt at staying awake. Students had little to no interaction and rarely walked away with any additional insight or driving skill. As anyone could imagine, traditional defensive driving courses were the bane of any trafficked driver's existence and were more like punishment instead of a driver improvement course.

What is Comedy Defensive Driving?

While the need for better drivers was real, traditional traffic school was missing the mark. It wasn't until 1989 when Gary Alexander approached the founder of the Improv Comedy Club with an innovative and hilarious solution called Comedy Defensive Driving. Comedy Defensive Driving courses provided students with entertaining curriculum and qualified instructors, which made the classes infinitely more effective. Since then, Defensive Driving Course has been a smash success with over 3 million students laughing their way into better and safer driving skills.

Saving Money Is No Laughing Matter... or Is it?

While there are several benefits of attending a traffic course, the biggest benefits make dollars and cents. If you have received a moving violation or ticket, attending a defensive driving course could actually decrease or completely negate your fine. In addition, Comedy Defensive Driving could result in a reduction in the number of points added to your driving record or keep the violation from appearing on your driving record. In either case, there is a direct relationship between higher insurance premiums and the higher the number of points a driver has on their record. Simply put, taking a defensive driving course can save you money in more ways than one. It's important to remember that most states have a limit on the number of times you can take Comedy Defensive Driving courses or any other traffic school. This is to prevent people like Ulysses Grant ( who had three different horse speeding tickets) from disregarding the laws and driving recklessly without having the face the consequences of repeated infractions.

Laugh or Giggle: You Choose

Best of all, when you choose a Comedy Defensive Driving course, you get to choose how you want to complete the course:


As the most traditional method for taking the course, the classroom method provides an instructor-led, face-to-face experience where the teacher covers the curriculum. The main advantage of this type of format is that you're concerns and questions can be instantly answered.


Internet courses are the most convenient format because it allows the student to complete the course on their own time. The online curriculum includes engaging animations and visuals and offers multiple options for questions or support, such as: phone, email, and chat.

In the end, a speeding ticket isn't a laughing matter. Although defensive driving courses were not around back in Ulysses Grant's day, he could have indeed benefited from a course or two. However, today you do have the opportunity to take a Comedy Defensive Driving Course to:

  • Keep your presidents in your pocket by avoiding fines
  • Have traffic tickets removed from your driving record
  • Improve your driving techniques
  • Learn aggressive driving techniques
  • Receive discounted insurance rates
  • Laugh and learn at the same time