Traffic school classes are an important method of educating drivers and keeping the roads safe. The problem is that these classes can be excruciatingly boring. Nobody wants to spend their time in an old classroom, listening to a driving teacher drone on. Reading long, boring material at home isn’t any more exciting.

At IMPROV Comedy Traffic School, we believe that defensive driving classes can be fun! Over 20 years ago, Gary Alexander came up with a way to make defensive driving more exciting. He reached out to the founder of the world-famous Improv Comedy Club, Budd Friedman. From this partnership, Comedy Traffic School by Improv was born.

Today, Comedy Traffic School by IMPROV is approved by DMVs and courts in all 50 states. Our courses are available entirely online, and often take less than an hour. You’ll laugh while you learn, which is why over 3 million students have taken our courses and voted us as the Best Traffic School!

For your convenience, we offer a wide variety of courses here at the Improv Comedy Traffic School. Here’s some of our most popular ones:

Traffic School / Defensive Driving

Traffic school, a.k.a. Defensive Driving is an instructional program in driving & traffic safety. These courses aim at enhancing your knowledge and skill level. Completion of a traffic school or a defensive driving course may keep a violation from showing on your driving record. It can also prevent your insurance company from seeing the violation, and subsequently, raising your rates. You’ll go over a variety of topics, including:

  • The specific driving rules for your state.
  • Techniques to drive defensively and avoid car accidents.
  • How to deal with other drivers who are angry or aggressive.

General Driver’s Education

For many states, passing a general driver’s education exam is a requirement for obtaining a driver’s license. We provide an educational, entertaining look at everything you need to get on the road. At the end, we offer a convenient, state-approved online learner's permit exam.

Corporate Fleet Training

If you’re a fleet manager or commercial driver, we have your back! We provide a wide variety of defensive driving programs for commercial fleets. We offer convenient online courses to make it simple for your entire organization’s force to complete the courses in a timely manner. We even offer an application that allows you to track the progress of your entire fleet, so you can make sure nobody is left behind!

Why Are Defensive Driving Course Important?

By now, it’s clear that Comedy Defensive Driving is the best choice for a defensive driving course. Constant entertainment ensures you pay attention and learn everything you need to know. It’s quick, effective and easy. The question becomes why these courses even matter.

Most importantly, they make you a better driver. The techniques you learn help you drive safely. Safe driving helps you avoid accidents, which saves you a ton of money. You won’t have to pay insurance deductibles, and you’ll avoid rate hikes. Consider how deadly car accidents can be, a defensive driving course might even save lives.

There are lots of additional benefits, too. Traffic tickets lead to points on your license. This raise your insurance rates and could lead to a suspended or revoked license. Defensive driving courses remove these points, saving you lots of hassle and money.

Finally, most insurance companies offer discounts just for completing defensive driving courses. Not only will your small investment make you a better driver, it’ll pay for itself quickly!

Aren’t Defensive Driving Courses Only for Bad Drivers?

If you already think of yourself as a great driver, you probably don’t see the need for defensive driving courses. You haven’t been in an accident lately, and you always pay attention to what you’re doing. Why do you need to learn how to drive again?

There are plenty of reasons that a driver of any skill can benefit from defensive driving courses. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Even the world’s greatest driver is at risk to other people making mistakes. Comedy Traffic School doesn’t just teach you how to drive better, it teaches you how to deal with other aggressive drivers.
  • If years have passed since your driver’s education exam, you probably forgot some important rules and strategies. Even if you haven’t, some of your state’s rules might have changed. A defensive driving course provides for an excellent refresher.
  • You’ll save money on your insurance rates, even if they’re already low. Extra money can be enjoyed by even the best drivers.

Our courses require only a minimal investment of time, money, and effort. Not only will you enjoy all of the benefits of defensive driving, you’ll also be entertained. Give us a try and enroll in a course today!

Online Defensive Driving and Traffic School Courses