Speeding is a contributing cause of over a third of all vehicle accidents in California. The local police force continues its aggressive enforcement of speed limits in the area by issuing San Diego speeding tickets. According to a 2010 survey conducted by the Office of Traffic Safety, 21.5% of respondents said that speeding and aggressive driving was the biggest safety problem on Californian streets. In 2011, there were 225,602 injuries resulting from vehicles collisions, in addition to 2,835 fatalities throughout the state. This means that.

What is the best way to pay for my San Diego speeding ticket?

Individuals who are pulled over for a speeding violation and are ticketed must pay the fine before the due date listed on their citation. There are several ways to pay the fine. The most convenient is to pay online on the San Diego Superior Court website, or to pay over the phone by calling (619) 906-5888. If you do not pay the fine by the due date, an additional $300 penalty will be added to the original fine and an arrest warrant may be issued against you. In addition, you may also have your license suspended.

No one likes to receive a San Diego speeding ticket.

Residents that have received a speeding ticket in San Diego may have the option of attending California online traffic school to avoid added penalties. These penalties can vary from having to pay higher car insurance premiums to losing the right to drive. People who have the option of attending traffic school will receive a courtesy letter explaining their options about two weeks before their scheduled court date. Only drivers that qualify under California Rules of Court, rule 4.104 will receive notification and attend. People who choose to attend traffic school for their speeding ticket in San Diego can receive a 60-day continuous to attend the school before paying their fine.

What are my options for paying for my speeding ticket?

The Department of Motor Vehicles website lists a variety of approved schools in your area. Many options are available to people looking for an approved school. People can choose from a more traditional classroom setting to edutainment-themed schools, like Traffic School by Improv. A convenient and cheaper alternative to a classroom-based school is to attend an approved online traffic school. Taking an online school allows the student to study comfortably from his home or office and complete the course whenever and wherever he pleases. It is a great option for a person with a busy schedule. With so many choices where and how to attend traffic school, and with so many penalties if they don't, most people agree that going to traffic school is the smarter option so why not get started now? san diego speeding ticket