If you're wondering how to pay a ticket online for a California traffic ticket, the process is quite simple. For paying a traffic ticket online, you need to follow a few basic steps and you'll have your ticket resolved in no time.

How can I pay my ticket online in California?

While each jurisdiction may have slightly different procedures, the process is generally the same to pay a ticket online. When a paying traffic ticket online California residents and visitors can follow these steps:

1. Find Your Traffic Court

Find the traffic court in the county where the ticket was issued. There'll be links on the court webpage that take you to the traffic section and list e-payments or online payments as options.

2. Lookup Your California Traffic Ticket

Look up your case by case number, citation number or your driver's license. Often you'll need to enter your date of birth to verify your identity.

3. Review Your Traffic Ticket Fines

Review the details of the ticket including the ticket fines and penalties you'll be charged for entering a guilty plea.

4. Submit Payment to Pay Traffic Ticket Online

Enter a credit card or debit card number and get an online confirmation that your CA traffic ticket has been paid. Be sure to save a copy of this information for your personal records. There is usually a minimal fee charged for using the online system.

Why is my traffic ticket not appearing online?

In some jurisdictions, it can take 30 days for the law enforcement agency to enter your traffic ticket into the court's system. Also, be sure to pay the ticket by the due date to avoid any late penalties, holds being placed on your license, or warrants being issued.

If after 30 days your traffic ticket is still not appearing online, there is the possibility of a clerical error that may have resulted in the ticket never being processed. It would be wise to continue to monitor your local county website, however, just in case.

Is there a way to lower the cost of my California traffic ticket?

To lower the costs associated with a California traffic ticket and to potentially avoid DMV points on your license, enroll in MyImprov traffic school. With an online traffic school, you'll learn defensive-driving tips and learn how to become a better and safer driver. Our programs help you reduce your existing penalties and prevent further infractions.