California has some of the nation's strictest and most expensive traffic ticket laws. One of the most common California traffic tickets that can carry hefty ticket fines and penalties for California drivers is red light tickets. Red light tickets are issued as a violation to Vehicle Code 21453 VC.

What are the fines and penalties for a red light ticket?

  1. Base fine: A ticket fine of $100 for running a red light or $35 for an illegal turn at a red light

  2. Penalty assessments & fees: up to $400 for running a red light, $490 total for a red light ticket

  3. Points on your CA drivers license (1 point)

  4. 10% increase in insurance premiums

  5. A misdemeanor charge of Failure to Appear if the ticket is ignored

What is a red light ticket?

  1. Failing to stop at a red light

  2. Making an illegal turn at a red light

  3. Rolling through a legal turn at a red light.

  4. Red light tickets may also include those that were taken by a red light camera.

What happens when you get a red light ticket?

Motorists assessed red light tickets in California will receive a ticket in the mail, listing the date, time and location of the infraction. If the red light violation was captured via a red light camera, the notification should also include information about where to view photos of the alleged infraction.

How is the fine for a running a red light ticket calculated?

Fines for California red light tickets are some of the highest in the country. In addition to the base fine of $100 for running a red light, motorists may also be charged court fees, state and county penalty assessments, and conviction assessments.
  1. Base Fine: $100

  2. Penalty Assessments (PA): $294

    • State PA: $100

    • County PA: $70

    • Emergency Medical Services PA: $20

    • DNA Fund PA: $50

    • Court Facilities PA: $50

    • Emergency Medical Air Transportation PA: $4

  3. Court Fees & Surcharges: $96

    • State Surcharge (20% of Base Fine): $20

    • Court Operations Fee: $40

    • Criminal Conviction Fee: $35

    • Night Court Fee: $1

  4. Total for Red Light Ticket: $490.00

How can you reduce the cost of a red light ticket?

If you're looking to reduce the expense of a red light ticket, enroll in online traffic school if eligible. You avoid getting points on your DMV record and increased insurance premiums, which could cost more than $1000 over the next three years. MyImprov traffic school has been offering approved, engaging and compelling traffic school online courses with a dose of humor for decades.