Court Locations:

Central Division: 8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. San Diego, CA 92123 (858) 565-1006

North County: 325 South Melrose Dr. Ste #350 Vista, CA 92081 (760) 806-2444

South County: 500 3rd Ave. Chula Vista, CA 91910 (619) 691-4726

East County: 250 East Main St. El Cajon, CA 92020 (619) 441-4100


Have You Recently Received a San Diego Traffic Ticket?

So you got a San Diego traffic ticket? That is definitely an efficient way to take a great day and turn it into a lousy one. While traffic tickets can be a major inconvenience, it is also important to remember that there were six million car crashes in the United States, of which three million people were injured and over 42,000 fatalities in the last year alone. Without traffic tickets, these numbers would skyrocket even higher.

If you're unfortunate enough to get a San Diego speeding ticket, be sure to stop by Traffic School by Improv to find a way that is both convenient and fun to settle your situation. Doing so will also prevent your car insurance rates from increasing.

Once you've been accused of violating a moving violation, you will have a few different options with regards to how to proceed and you must notify the San Diego County Traffic Clerk as to your choice. Your chosen option must be received by the deadline date listed on the citation itself. If you don't comply within that deadline you could face additional fees and could even have your driver’s license suspended. Following are your options:

  1. Attend Online Traffic School
  2. There are a wide variety of different benefits for people who take California traffic school to dismiss their California traffic tickets:
    • Successfully completing traffic school will avoid insurance increases.
    • You will not receive points on your license or record.
    • 100% online course - no timers.

  3. Pay the Fine Listed on the Traffic Ticket
  4. If you choose to pay the fine that your citation specifies:
    • The case is officially satisfied once payment is received and processed.
    • The traffic citation is added to your driver’s license for three years.
    • Applicable points will be added to your license.
    • Your auto insurance rates will increase.

    Contest your Traffic Ticket

    Should you choose to go to traffic court San Diego to contest your citation, a judge could very easily find you guilty. In the event that this happens, your driving record will be assessed points and you could even face having to pay fines of up to $1,000. You could still be required to take traffic school or some combination of the aforementioned penalties. Your auto insurance premium will almost certainly increase or your policy could be canceled depending on the severity of the original citation. Be sure to visit the San Diego County Clerk of Court official website for detailed and accurate instructions on how to plead not guilty. Do so at your own risk.

About Online Traffic School Courses by Improv Traffic School:

Improv Traffic School offers online defensive driving and traffic school courses for most U.S. states, including California. Our San Diego traffic ticket dismissal course is a California DMV licensed and is accepted by all courts in California, including traffic court San Diego. Our course is actually entertaining instead of boring? Why? Our “Edu-tainment” based course has a unique blend of education and entertainment resulting in an overall humorous approach to learning by including driving related comic strips, funny videos, risk free, so why not get started now?

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