Santa Clara Traffic Court Information

Phone: Traffic Court Santa Clara: 408-808-3100 Address: Traffic Court Santa Clara 191 N. First Street, San Jose, CA 95113

Other Santa Clara County Courthouses:

South County Courthouse 12425 Monterey Road, San Martin, CA 95046 Phone: 408-695-5000 Palo Alto Courthouse 270 Grant Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306 Phone: 650-462-3800

Santa Clara Traffic Ticket Options

What should you do if the police light up your rearview mirror with their cherries and berries to issue a traffic ticket in Santa Clara County? You’ll soon be dealing with the Santa Clara traffic court to resolve the issue. Each year in America witnesses more than 6 million auto accidents, which result in nearly 3 million injuries and more than 40,000 deaths. While these sobering statistics make a compelling case for the strict enforcement of the nation’s traffic laws, you tend to take a less than sanguine view of the topic when you are the one getting the California traffic ticket. It’s always good to have options, and if you find yourself on the receiving end of a citation, then traffic court Santa Clara has three options available to you to help resolve the problem.

Option 1: Online Traffic School Learning

The benefits of Traffic School for drivers ticketed in California:
  • Avoid costly insurance hikes by successfully completing Online Traffic School.
  • Stops the DMV from assessing points against your license.
  • The 8-hour course is 100% online—no timers.

Option 2: Pay the Fines Listed on the Ticket

The consequences of paying your fine, but not attending traffic school.
  • Upon writing the check to the court, your case will be completely satisfied without further action.
  • The charges listed on your ticket will entered as a conviction on your driving record.
  • Your driving record will take a hit by the number of points that are applicable based on your charges.
While simply paying the fine and getting on with your life may initially seem the easiest route out of this hassle, once the ancillary costs begin to mount up as a result of that decision, in the form of hiked insurance rates, you may wish that you had opted for traffic school when it was offered. It should be noted that once you have elected to pay the fine and accept the guilty plea, you’ve foregone your right to decide to attend traffic school at a later date.

Option 3: Take it to the Box with a Not Guilty Plea

If you’ve decided that today is the day for you to have your day in court, your attempts to beat your traffic ticket may result in you getting away scot free, but it also might result in the judge deciding against you. Should the later be the case, the judge might levy any number of fines, fees, and conditions as a result of a guilty verdict. To find out how to plead not guilty in Santa Clara traffic court, check out their website for details and directions.

Online California DMV Licensed Traffic School

Traffic School by Improv offers online traffic school and defensive driving courses for various states, including California. Our California online traffic school (aka Traffic Violator School) course is licensed by the California DMV and accepted by all California courts. Our “Edu-tainment” based course is unique in that it is funny rather than boring. How do we do it?  Our courses were developed by writers in collaboration with comedians from the world famous Improv Comedy club who together, were successfully able to combine traffic safety education with entertainment, resulting in a traffic school course that is actually fun and easier to read and learn.  Traffic School by Improv’s California traffic school includes funny videos, comics, and an overall humorous approach to learning. Try our 100% online California traffic school course now! You can complete the course at your own pace either in one day or over as many days as you would like and there are no pesky timers holding you back. Plus, our course is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! It’s risk free, so why not get started now?