How to Handle a San Jose Traffic Ticket

Receiving a traffic ticket can ruin your day indeed, but by enrolling in an online San Jose traffic school, you could skate right by those insurance premiums and in fact enjoy a few laughs while you experience a Santa Clara County online traffic school. We like to call it Edu-tainment. Yes, you can combine comedy traffic school and driver education, or explore other options to take care of your San Jose traffic ticket.

Here are some options you might use to dispel that San Jose traffic ticket:

  1. Pay the bill and move on. If you pay the ticket, that's satisfying your financial duty to the court. Remember though, by paying the citation, you have plead guilty to the infringement. This means this nasty little violation and its evil points will follow you around for three years, affecting insurance rates as well as reflecting against your record to anyone who might have a reason to search.

  2. If you elect to pay the bill and put it all behind you, ensure that you remit the balance due on or prior to the cut-off date shown on your citation, or the court will be happy to impose further penalties. The Santa Clara County Court does allow ticket holders to appeal for a time extension, so you could go that route to make it a little easier on your wallet.

  3. Contest the ticket. If you know you are guiltless of the violation for which you're being charged, ask for a court trial. During that time you can furnish all documentation, witnesses, facts and evidence supporting your legal disposition to the court. Remember, the traffic officer who assigned the citation will be subpoenaed to conduct due diligence as well. You may even choose to be represented by an attorney to watch out for your interests.

    At this point, the magistrate or judge will peruse all submittals and hear from witnesses from each side. After this is complete, he or she will enter a ruling. To contest the ticket, you have to pay the citation price tag and carry out one of the following acts of due diligence before or by the ticket's date:

    a. Simply walk to the court and plead "Not Guilty." A trial date is then scheduled. Capture the date immediately, as the court doesn't give "no shows" any credence.

    b. Get in touch with the court and arrange a date for trial. At this hearing, plead "Not Guilty," and the case will probably be continued, meaning a trial will occur in the future.

    c. Submit a Trial via Written Declaration. A lot of drivers choose this because you don't have to appear in court! Simply fill out and then mail a "Trial by Written Declaration" template explaining your opinion of the facts.

    Don't be afraid to include any papers or writings that might be supportive your side in the case. The police officer who assigned the citation will always be subpoenaed to submit a written account as well. The Commissioner will carefully peruse all related case documents submitted by each party and make a ruling, of which each party is notified via postal mail.

    If the judge should rule in your favor, thereby declaring you innocent of the traffic infraction you were charged with, your ticket will be dismissed and the judge will order a refund of any and all fines paid by you!

    It should be noted that Trial by Written Declaration is not an option for auto accidents, non traffic misdemeanors, or citations that mandate an in-person court date.

    If you are an adept writer, with a talent for presenting your side in a fashion that is persuadable, get the instructions for Trial by Written Declaration at the courts, or click the following link: Get the Santa Clara County Trial By Written Declaration Form.

Paying your San Jose Traffic Citation

  • Online

  • Satisfy your San Jose traffic ticket fines via Visa or MasterCard online by visiting the Santa Clara County Online Payment System.

  • By Phone

  • Pay Santa Clara County ticket fines using Visa or MasterCard via Santa Clara County's Phone Payment System at (866) 923-2732. Be ready to shell out another $5.95 fee when paying using this method.

  • By Mail

  • Mail the citation stub and a personal check made out to "Santa Clara Clerk of Court." The address is on the notice. If you prefer, use a MasterCard or Visa by filling out the credit card information segment. Never mail your payment without including the docket or citation number. You don't want your money doing down a black hole and have it come back around again later to bite you.

  • In Person

  • Navigate to any of the Santa Clara County Courts shown below:

Palo Alto Courthouse
270 Grant Ave - Palo Alto, CA 94306
Phone: (650) 462-3800

Santa Clara Courthouse
1095 Homestead Rd - Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone: (408) 556-3000

South County Morgan Hill Courthouse
301 Diana Ave - Morgan Hill, CA
Phone: (408) 695-5000

How dreary does all of this sound? Here's something you might much rather do:

Attend a California Department of Motor Vehicles approved Traffic School. A San Jose California approved traffic school is the smartest way to avoid expensive points, keep your driving record clean and save money on car insurance. If you are a speed demon, please make note: The California Department of Motor Vehicles allows only one traffic conviction (even violations that carry zero points) in 18-months to be masked from your record by way of traffic school.

If you qualify, ask if attending a traffic school in San Jose CA might achieve a dismissal of your situation. Remember, if this is an option, you still have to pay the citation (yes, the whole thing!) plus an administration fee (no kidding!) for traffic school intake. When you fork over the bail money for your San Jose traffic ticket, you'll be presented with the alternative to attend a San Jose traffic school. California Online Traffic School is the optimal choice since you can do it anytime from the privacy of your own home and at your own speed, even in your pajamas if the mood strikes you.

Why Choose San Jose Traffic School

Attending San Jose California online traffic school is a big help to your pocketbook because doing so will be looked upon fondly by your auto insurance. How so you ask? Simple, because California Traffic School online in San Jose eradicates any associated points on your license! Poof! Invisible! Now, that's life in the fast lane, San Jose drivers!

About Improv's Traffic School for San Jose Drivers

Improv Comedy Traffic School online is a state approved traffic classroom that combines easy to understand material without the boredom. Hence, you are not sitting in a tedious classroom staring out the window listening to the clock. That's right! Even the state appreciates a sense of humor! They realize drivers are more apt to retain information if they are awake during class!

If you possess a San Jose traffic ticket, turn to us. We can make the negative somewhat positive for you. The course is all completed online, which means no San Jose traffic court! Work around your schedule. If you start to veg out or lose interest (or if you need to watch your favorite show), simply log out and return later to finish! Improv, a San Jose California approved traffic school, duly reports your successful completion expeditiously to the Santa Clara County Court, as well as the Cali DMV as part of our service to you. No charge.

Eligibility for San Jose California Approved Traffic School

Yes, there are requirements and here they are:

  • Your license must be non-suspended or revoked.
  • If you have a CDL (Commercial Driver License), you weren’t operating a commercial vehicle when the violation occurred.
  • More than 18 months have gone by since the date of your last violation that you took traffic school for, and as a result achieved a dismissal.

Below are some more violation eligibility requirements:

- The offense must have only one point.
- The offense must not be for a seat belt infraction.
- The offense must not be for a misdemeanor crime.
- The offense must not require mandatory court appearances.
- The offense must not entail drug or alcohol impairment.
- If the offense is for speeding, it cannot be in excess of 25 MPH over the limit.

Steps for Taking San Jose Online Traffic School

Here are the steps you must take in order to attend traffic school in order to mask your citation, hence making any points magically (yet legally vanish!):

  1. Pay the court for both the bail tally and the administration fee by selecting the "Traffic School" option. (You hen have 60 days to complete Santa Clara online traffic school.)
  2. Select the most suitable San Jose online traffic school for you.
  3. Register with the San Jose online traffic school of your choice.
  4. Complete the traffic school material and test either all in one session or by separate sessions. Just ensure to complete the course by the deadline.

After you Complete San Jose Traffic School

Once you finish San Jose online traffic school, you're free! There's no more paperwork, nothing required for you to submit, because the school electronically ports your information of completion to the San Jose Court and to the DMV in real time! Within 30 minutes, you can even download and print a Completion Receipt.

San Jose Traffic School