How Handle a Chula Vista Traffic Ticket

Getting a traffic ticket is a rite of passage, but you can avoid Chula Vista traffic court by taking a Chula Vista California approved traffic school. This keeps the ticket off your record, guarantees no visible points on your license which make your life on the road a lot less bumpy. No more high and you can enjoy a fun and informative comedy traffic school, refresh your driver education knowledge, and maybe have a few laughs along the way.

Before you consider the option of a Chula Vista online traffic school, you may review other options below:

  1. Pay citation. Take care of your financial duty to the courts and simultaneously (by paying the ticket) plead guilty to the citation. Consequently, the ticket and all associated points will be updated to your DMV record and remain there for a time span of three years. Brace for those rate increases, which will probably hit you before your engine even cools down.
    Knowing you were guilty and probably can't fight it successfully and deciding to elect to pay outright, make sure to remit payment on or before the deadline showing on your citation or the court will bill additional penalty which can result in high dollars depending on the offense. The San Diego County Court also allows you to request an extension of time to pay the fines.

  2. Contest citation. If you feel you are not guilty and may have a chance in court, exercise your right to request a court trial. Be there on time and prepared, and dress appropriately for court. Show the judge your documents, and provide witnesses or witness statements. Keep in mind the police officer who wrote out your violation ticket will have been subpoenaed to present the state side of the evidence as well. Depending on how thorough this is, you could lose outright. However, if the officer doesn't show, your chance of dismissal is great! Either way, think over hiring an attorney so you can let him or her do all the talking for you. The judge or magistrate will render a ruling that day usually. So, is this the route you want to take? Here are three options for contesting:
    1. Pay the citation and then go to court in person and plead "Not Guilty." A trial date is then scheduled. For Heaven's sake, be there and be there on time.
    2. Phone the court and set a trial date at which time you will plead "Not Guilty." This will have the same result as the option above. Save the date!
    3. Request a Trial by Written Declaration. If you elect this option, you do not have to appear in court, but you do need to have good writing skills and the presence of mind to attach pertinent documents. It would be a good idea to get a second pair of eyes on this packet of documents before mailing it off. If you feel you may have a lot to lose, just get an attorney up front. Let the lawyer take care of the working and advise you on your attachments.

    A Trial by Written Declaration is submitted via postal mail, but it's a good idea to send it certified. The issuing officer will also have been be subpoenaed to submit a written report and will arrive prepared with his packet of information as well. The Commissioner then reads all documents submitted from both sides and will notify you via postal mail of the ruling.

    If the judge rules in your favor and adjudicates you innocent of the violation with which you were ticketed, your ticket will then be dropped (dismissed!) and a refund of your fines ordered.

    Trial by Written Declaration is not a viable choice for misdemeanor crimes, crash accidents, non-traffic regulation violations, or offenses that mandated you appear in court.

    You may attain instructions and obtain the necessary forms for a Trial by Written Declaration in person at the court, or by selecting the following link: Get the San Diego County Trial by Written Declaration Form.

  3. Try Chula Vista California Approved Traffic School. Attending a Chula Vista CA online traffic school is a smart way best way to address that your Chula Vista traffic ticket, for the reason that points from your violation will be blown away, along with any blemishes on your record correlating with the violation! Another perk: You don't have to set foot in Chula Vista traffic court!

  4. You can appeal to take San Diego County online traffic school to get your traffic violation dismissed. You still have to hand over the ticket amount plus an admin fee for traffic school in Chula Vista CA processing. When paying the bail amount of your Chula Vista traffic ticket, you will be given the option to take a Chula Vista traffic school. CA Traffic School Online is the best and smartest option because you can complete it anytime from your own home and can do so at your own pace and around your busy schedule.

Paying your Chula Vista Traffic Ticket


California Traffic School online in Chula Vista accepts payments for your Chula Vista traffic ticket fines online via San Diego County Online Payment System. You may use Visa or MasterCard.

By Phone

Pay your San Diego County violations utilizing Visa or MasterCard via telephone by calling San Diego County Payment System. The number is 619-906-5888.

By Mail

Mail the section of the violation notice along with a check to "San Diego Superior Court." It is a good idea to send this payment certified. The courts address can be found on the notice. In lieu of the personal check, pay by credit card by completing the required information on the form. Be certain that you include the citation number and any additional enclosures so that record keeping issues do not cause issues for you later. Save your copies. (You never know!)

In Person

Remit payment for your Chula Vista traffic citation in person at one of the San Diego County Court locations listed below:

Central Division
8950 Clairemont Mesa Blvd - San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: (858) 634-1800

North County
325 S. Melrose Drive, Annex Building, Suite 350 - Vista, CA 92081
Phone: (760) 201-8500

South County
500 Third Avenue, Chula Vista, CA – 91910
Phone: (619) 746-6200

East County
250 East Main Street, El Cajon, CA - 92020
Phone: (619) 456-4100

As of July 1, 2011, the CA Department of Motor Vehicles enacted a law that allows one conviction (including violations carrying no points) within an 18-month phase to be removed from your driving record by way of attending taking California Traffic School online in Chula Vista.

Chula Vista Traffic School Information

Benefits of Choosing Chula Vista Traffic School

Attending a Chula Vista traffic school is a big financial advantage because your auto insurance rates will not go through the roof over one ticket. Partaking in Chula Vista traffic school will camouflage your traffic violation and associated points so the insurance companies will be unable to see it.

About Improv's Chula Vista Online Traffic School

Traffic School by Improv Comedy Club is a combo comedy traffic school, driver education and/or driving refresher course, delivered "Edu-tainment" style, so it's not a yawn, and we guarantee you'll crack a smile at least!

If you own a Chula Vista traffic infraction, Improv can remove some of the sting, and offer you a simple, pain-free way to complete a course that will make it all go away so you can go back to enjoying your life! It's all done online and on your schedule. The system remembers where you left off if you need to take a break so take it in sessions that fit best into your day. You don't have to miss anything. We report your completion the same day to the San Diego County Court and to the California DMV at no additional charge.

Chula Vista Traffic School Eligibility

In order to attend Chula Vista traffic school online you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Your driver license must be valid and not revoked or suspended.
  2. If you have a CDL, you weren’t driving that commercial vehicle when the violation was written.
  3. At least 18 months transpired between your last violation date, for which you attended traffic school successfully.
  4. The violations qualify for online traffic classes. Following are some violation eligibility necessities:
    • Citations carry only one point.
    • Citations must not involve seatbelt violations.
    • Citations cannot involve misdemeanor violations.
    • Citations cannot require mandatory court appearance.
    • Violations must not involve alcoholic drug-fueled events.
    • If citation is for speeding, cannot involve speeding over and beyond 25 miles over the posted speed limit.

Steps for Taking Chula Vista CA Online Traffic School

Following are the tasks you must undertake in order to attend traffic school in order to bury your citation:

  1. Send your payment to court for the bail and the administration fee and select "Traffic School" as an option.
  2. You will have 60 days to finish.
  3. Choose a Chula Vista online traffic school for you.
  4. Register online.
  5. Complete the course either all in one sitting or in separate sessions over a period of time; just make sure to complete the course on or before your traffic school completion deadline.

After you Complete Chula Vista CA Traffic School

You're all done! If you wish, you may print out a Receipt for your records, after waiting 30 minutes after completing the course. We take care of everything else. Now, go out for a drive!

Chula Vista Traffic School Online