How Handle a Bakersfield Traffic Ticket

So you got a Bakersfield traffic ticket. Happens to all of us, but many people have discovered, but by taking California Traffic School online in Bakersfield . Get away from lifting insurance rates and actually enjoy a few good jokes at the same time with the Improv’s humorous “Edu-tainment” based courses. Stay out of Bakersfield traffic court!

Below are all of the choices available to resolve a Bakersfield traffic ticket:

  1. Pay Citation. If you pay your citation, you will be satisfying your financial duty to the court; still, by paying the bill, you have pled guilty to the violation. As a result, the violation and connected points will post to your DMV driving record and stay there for three years. If you choose to pay violation ticket fines, ensure you pay on time or you will incur even more costs imposed by the court. The Kern County Court does permit allows you to request extensions so don’t just blow off the ticket. If you intend to pay, contact them to make arrangements.

    If you elect to pay the traffic offense fine, ensure to pay on or previous to the deadline clearly stamped indicated on your citation, or the court will compel you to pay more penalties for being late. No excuses. The Alameda County Court does allow you to request an extension of time to pay the fines, but you have to communicate or pay the price.

  2. Contest Citation. . If you feel you are blameless of the traffic crime that you are charged with, ask for a court trial, at which time you must bring all papers, evidence, witnesses, facts and witness statements that prop up your case to the judge or court magistrate. The police officer that issued your violation will be subpoenaed to attend as well. You also have the legal right to be represented by a lawyer who can speak on your behalf.
    The judge or magistrate will peruse information presented by both parties, hear witnesses on each side and then make a ruling.

    To contest, you must pay the citation amount and then select the method that best suits you:
    1. Appear and plead Not Guilty. Trial will be scheduled for an upcoming date.
    2. Contact the courts to set a hearing date where you will plead Not Guilty and the case will be continued to an upcoming date for trial.
    3. Request a Trial by Written Declaration. This option doesn’t require an appearance Simply complete and mail a Trial by Written Declaration form detailing your written statement that give details of the facts of the case. Enclose any documents which could bolster your case. The police officer will be subpoenaed to submit a written report as well. The Commissioner will evaluate documents and other information submitted by both parties and make a ruling which you will be notified of by mail.

      If the judge rules for you, declaring you innocent of the violation, a dismissal of the traffic ticket will happen, along and refund of your fines will be ordered.

      Trials by Written Declaration aren’t available for major accidents, misdemeanor crimes, non-traffic violations, or law breaking that state a mandatory court appearance.

      You may obtain instructions, information and templates for completing a Trial by Written Declaration in person at the court, or by clicking here:Get the Kern County Trial By Written Declaration Form

  3. Complete a Kern County online traffic school Attending traffic school in Bakersfield CA is a hip method to handle your Bakersfield traffic ticket because the points from your citation will be vaporized from your driving record meaning your auto insurance rates will not suffer!

    You may request to attend California Traffic School online in Bakersfield to have your traffic ticket dismissed. You will still be required to pay the ticket fine amount in its entirety plus an administration fee for traffic school processing. When paying the total of your Bakersfield traffic ticket, you will be given the option to take a Bakersfield traffic school. Bakersfield California approved traffic school is the loved choice my many because you can complete it any time from your own home, the beach or whereever!

Paying your Bakersfield Traffic Ticket


You may remit your payment your Bakersfield traffic violation fines using Visa or MasterCard online using Kern County Online Payment System.

By Phone

Pay the fine using Visa or MasterCard via telephone via Kern County Automated Payment System at (661) 868-2382.

By Mail

Mail the notice stub and a check payable to Kern Clerk of the Court to the following address:
Metropolitan Division, Justice Building
1215 Truxtun Ave.
Bakersfield, CA - 93301
Attn: Revenue Recovery

In lieu of a check, you can also charge using Visa or Mastercard by completing the credit information section. Put your citation or docket number on your check and any additional enclosures!

In Person

Go in person to your Bakersfield traffic citation at any of the following courthouse locations:

Metropolitan Division Justice Building
(Outside Payment window)
1215 Truxtun Avenue (left of the entry doors on the south side of the building)
Bakersfield, CA - 93301
Hours: Mon through Thurs 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, and 8:00 AM to Noon on Fridays.

Metropolitan Division, Justice Building
(Inside the Building)
1215 Truxtun Avenue, 1st Floor (left after metal detectors)
Bakersfield, CA - 93301
Hours: Mon through Thurs 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, and 8:00 AM to Noon on Fridays.

County of Kern, Traffic Court
3131 Arrow St.
Bakersfield, CA - 93308
Hours: Mon through Thurs 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM, and 7:30 AM to Noon on Fridays.

County of Kern, Juvenile Justice Center
2100 College Avenue
Bakersfield, CA - 93305
Hours: Mon through Thurs 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, and 8:00 AM to Noon on Fridays.

Bakersfield Traffic School Information

Benefits of Choosing Bakersfield Traffic School

Attending a Kern County online traffic school is a giant financial benefit because auto insurance rates will not sky rocket. Why? Because taking Bakersfield traffic school will mask your citation and associated points so that your insurance company will not be able to see it.

About Improv's Bakersfield Online Traffic School

Bakersfield CA online traffic school Comedy Club is a driver ed program that combines education with entertainment resulting in “Edu-tainment” so it’s not boring, and you may very well enjoy the course (we won’t tell anyone!)

If you have a Bakersfield traffic ticket, Improv makes it not only fun, but also easy to complete. The course is 100% taken online and you can take the course as your personal schedule allows whether it be all in the same day or over a period of time. If you log out of the course, simply log back in when you are ready to resume and you will resume right where you last left off. We report your completion the same day to the Kern County Court and to the California DMV at no additional charge.

Bakersfield Traffic School Eligibility

In order to qualify for Bakersfield CA online traffic school, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your driver’s license must be not suspended or revoked
  • If you hold a CDL, you were not driving a commercial vehicle at the time the violation was issued.
  • Your citation was in connection with a moving violation. “Fix-it” tickets are not eligible for traffic school.
  • At least 18 months have passed between the date of your last violation for which you took traffic school for ticket dismissal purposes and the date of your recent violation.
  • The violation qualifies for traffic school. Following is some violation eligibility requirements:
    1. The violation must carry only one point.
    2. The violation must not be a seat belt violations
    3. The violation must not be a misdemeanor violations
    4. The violation must not require a mandatory court appearance.
    5. The violation must not involve drugs or alcohol.
    6. If the violation is for speeding, violations must not involve speeding in excess of 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Steps for Taking Bakersfield CA Online Traffic School

Following are the steps necessary to attend Santa Clara online traffic school in order to mask your citation:

  1. Remit payment to the court for both the bail amount and the administration fee by selecting the “Traffic School” option.
  2. You will be given 60 days to complete your Bakersfield traffic school.
  3. Select the best Bakersfield online traffic school for you.
  4. Register with the Bakersfield traffic school of your choice
  5. Complete the course either all in one sitting or in separate sessions over a period of time; just make sure to complete the course on or before your traffic school completion deadline.

  6. After you Complete Bakersfield CA Traffic School

    Once you complete the Bakersfield online traffic school, you’re done! No need to submit a copy of your certificate to the court because we electronically report your completion to the Kern County Court and to the CA DMV for you the same day! You may download and print a Completion Receipt for your records 30 minutes after completing the course.

    Bakersfield Traffic School Online