When looking at the cheapest car insurance providers, it’s important to note that there are a lot of factors that come into play. The five insurers listed below tend to provide the cheapest insurance in NY on average, but of course, your results may vary. You might have better luck looking into a niche insurance provider, or going through a provider that gives just the right discount, or getting covered under your Uncle Bill’s policy and save money that way. This is just a list to give you a general idea of what you can expect from the more affordable insurers in New York.

New York Average:

For the purposes of this list, we’re looking at quotes for middle aged men across over 100 cities and calculating by annual rate. This brings the New York state average to about $1,500 a year, or about $125 every month. Here are five insurers whose rates go well below that state average.

It turns out that it’s not just a clever advertising slogan, you really can save some money with GEICO. For this study, GEICO’s rates came in at about $800 a year, or around $66 a month. Not bad, right? This is just a little over half of the state average. This puts GEICO at number one for low rates. You might be able to shop around and find an insurer that charges you even less, but in terms of median rates offered, it’s hard to get cheaper insurance than GEICO.

USAA comes in second with average annual rates around $845 for this study. Note that not everyone will be able to get coverage through USAA, however. The provider is a specialty insurer covering military people and their families. This includes those currently serving, and retired military veterans. If you have ever served, or if you have a veteran or someone currently serving in your family, it’s worth seeing what sort of rates USAA can offer you.

At around $905 a year, Erie will run you about a hundred dollars more than GEICO a year on average. But again, we’re only looking at medians here. It’s worth getting quotes from every insurer on this list in order to see what sort of discounts you might qualify for.

Allstate’s median rates for this study come in at about $970 a year or $80 a month. Allstate is currently the second largest insurer in its category in the US. As a bonus, Allstate sponsors sporting events like the Allstate Sugar Bowl. So if you are a sport’s fan, and may feel self-assured watching your insurance company’s name being flashed across the ESPN channel every time you tune in, then this is the provider for you.

Central Mutual
Central Mutual offers rates around $1,270 a year, which will save you a couple hundred on the state average for this study, but will cost you around $300 more per year than the provider coming in fourth place, Allstate.

Regardless which company you choose you can always save an additional 10% on your comprehensive collision and liability insurance by taking an online defensive driving course.