1. You have a wreath on your vehicle’s grill, but not because you are celebrating; it’s stuck there from when you drove into your front door.
  2. AAA mentions you on their naughty list… twice!
  3. you have so many speeding tickets you are now using them as wrapping paper.
  4. your cheeks are rosy red but it’s not from going out caroling; they are just irritated from the numerous times they hit your air bags.
  5. when it snows and they put salt on the icy roads, the salt and ice makes you think of margaritas.
  6. the colorful lights you see blinking most often are in your rearview mirror.
  7. you spend a lot of time driving around with your relatives because that’s the only way to get around until your license is reinstated.
  8. you spend so much time around him you are mentioned in the Christmas letter sent out by your tow truck driver.
  9. you don’t take your decorations down until mid march because that’s when you finally get released.
  10. you spend a lot of time every holiday with Rudolph, Donder and Blitzen; not reindeer, but the law firm of Rudolph, Donder and Blitzen.

Keep You, Your Friends and Your Family Safe this Holidays.
Also Remember,  If you find yourself in need of non-emergency roadside assistance on San Diego freeways, simply dial 5-1-1 from your mobile phone and say “Roadside assistance”. For more information on the SAFE 511 program please visit http://www.sdcallbox.org/.