With all the rolling hills, sharp bends, rocky terrain, and four mega-cities, Tennessee presents a challenge for both drivers and their cars. But never fear, because the Volunteer State has more than its share of auto mechanics in almost every nook and cranny of every town large and small throughout the land. While there are several auto repair shops to choose from in any direction, some service centers rise to the top. We explore three repair shops that you can count on when defensive driving in TN isn’t enough to keep you out of a collision.

Lawson & Son Auto Repair Nashville, TN

Head down Harding Pike in Belle Meade on the west side of Nashville, and you’ll run right into Lawson & Son Auto Repair. Like many other garages, L & S is a classic TN auto hole in the wall. There’s nothing special about the place from the street view. Step inside, however, and you’ll quickly find that the service crew offers bona fide fast, friendly service and dependable work.

Their reputation precedes them as an honest and reasonably priced establishment that is on point with their repair inspections and estimates. According to their most loyal customers, you won’t find anybody better in all of Davidson County.

Downtown Automotive Chattanooga, TN

As you drive East into the Smoky Mountains, you’ll eventually end up in Chattanooga. Tennessee’s fourth largest city is notorious for its dangerous interstates that wind around lakes and wriggles through the mountainscape. The steep grades cause collisions, transmission breakdowns, and engine overheats.

Thankfully, Downtown Automotive has an experienced team of mechanics that can get you back on the Interstate in no time. Like many of Tennessee’s most reputable service centers, Downtown Automotive is locally owned and has been around long enough to earn the title of institution. If you’re stranded on the side of the road, they’ll send their very own tow truck to rescue you, and then bring your car to the garage to fix it. These guys are as knowledgeable as they are friendly. All Domestic and import vehicles are welcome!!

Pashby’s Automotive Memphis, TN

Meanwhile, in Memphis, Tennessee, Pashby’s Automotive is more than happy to fix your broken car. The family-owned auto repair shop is the most decorated business in Memphis. They were recently awarded the 2017 Reader’s Choice Award and voted Best Repair Shop in the Bartlett suburb area. While more modern (and clean) looking than the other two garages on this list, don’t let the advanced equipment and recently-filled coffee maker fool you. These guys have personalized service down to a science – just like their repairs. They offer a wide range of services such as engine and transmission repair, battery, headlights, and brake services, oil changes, electrical work, and alignment and suspension service. If you’re in Memphis and your car has blues, then take it to Pashby’s Automotive. Afterward, go to downtown Memphis and treat yourself to some baby back ribs.

Before you take your car to just any TN auto shop, go online and read Google, Yelp, and YP reviews, get referrals and find out all the facts about a service center. Doing so can save you time, money, and put you in the hands of the right mechanic. If you can find a reputable local mechanic, that’s the best way to go. You’ll find that they are honest, personable, hard-working, and willing to go the extra mile so that you are 100% satisfied.