A hit and run is defined as involving or being a motor-vehicle driver who does not stop post involvement in an accident. People might flee the scene of a car accident for different reasons. Some people run away because they just do not want to deal with the stress of the issue and they hope they won’t get caught. Other people are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in a rush and do not care, or they may panic when they hit someone and just not know what to do. Some people will go to the police later to admit what they’ve done. Knowing the laws can help reduce panic and ensure that you do the right thing if you’re involved in a hit and run. These laws can also help you protect yourself if you’re being accused of leaving the scene of an accident.

New York is Clear on Their Hit and Run Laws

There are serious consequences if you leave the scene of an accident without giving the other driver your information. That’s because New York law states that anyone involved in an accident must stop their vehicle and trade information with the other driver. Failing to do that is counted as a hit and run even for very minor accidents, which means you could get a ticket that you must deal with. With the defensive driving online ticket dismissal course, you can work toward getting rid of that ticket and you don’t have to sit in a classroom. But it’s still better to avoid the ticket in the first place since fines and fees can also be high.

It’s Not Just About the Ticket

A ticket for a hit and run accident in NY can cost you up to $250, but that’s not all. There can be court costs and other fees along with that amount, and you can also be jailed for as much as 15 days. You’ll see three points on your driving record, and that could cause your vehicle insurance rates to rise dramatically. Your insurance company may even cancel you, and that will force you to find new insurance. If you have to go with a high-risk company, your rates are going to be much more than they were previously, and you’ll have a hard time getting those rates down for several years after the accident.

Be Mindful of What You Say About the Accident

Too often, people who have been involved in a hit and run may blurt out that they didn’t mean to, or something else that implies guilt. It’s very important that you don’t do that because it can affect whether you’re found guilty of the crime or whether you can get your ticket dismissed. Don’t admit any fault and understand what your defense can be. For example, if you truly didn’t realize you struck another vehicle you may not be charged. That can happen to someone backing out of a parking space, or parallel parking, when they just tap the bumper and there’s no damaged caused. But the law says you still must stop.

Take Care of the Issue Promptly

If you’ve been ticketed for a hit and run in New York, make sure you focus on a defensive driving online course for ticket dismissal. That can help keep points off your driver’s license and lower the chances that your insurance is going to rise or be canceled. It’s important to be careful behind the wheel but accidents do happen. If you’re involved in one, knowing the laws and taking the right steps can help you protect yourself.