In New York, if you want to operate a Taxi business or be a Taxi or Uber driver, you need to have completed a defensive driving course and your must have a TLC license. TLC means the Taxi and Limousine Association, an agency created in 1971 and tasked with regulating and licensing New York’s taxicabs, for-hire vehicles, and commuter vans. This association has a board whose commission consists of nine members, eight of them don’t receive a salary. The only salaried person is the chair, and his duty is to preside over the public commission meetings.

Notably, TLC regulates and licenses more than fifty thousand vehicles and more than one hundred thousand drivers. Also, the agency performs emissions and safety inspections of the cross to fourteen thousand taxicabs, three times every year. Moreover, the agency makes biennial inspections of all their TLC-licensed vehicles, making it the most active licensing regulatory agency in the U.S. Want to know how to get TLC license? Easy! Apply for TLC license by following the steps below.

Submitting an Online License Application

TLC has an official website where you can submit your license application online. You can do this by downloading and filling out the TLC application form. This way, you can easily retrieve and turn in your TLC application without much hassle.

You can complete the application by selecting the “apply for a new license” button which is located on the left side of the page. After which, you will be required to select the “type driver” application you are seeking. The driver license types include Street Hail Livery (SHL) driver, for-hire, and medallion. Select one amongst these. Upon receiving your application number, save it or memorize since you will need it when completing the rest of the license requirements. You should then regularly check your TLC application status.

Steps to Acquiring TLC License

There are several steps you need to follow before acquiring your TLC license. However, TLC license requirements are cheap and essential. If you do everything properly, you will no longer have problems with the NYC traffic department. The steps for TLC new application are listed and expounded below.

Upgrade your License

In New York, you will get an NYC license after successfully completing your driving course. To complete the TLC license application, you first need to upgrade the NYC license to become a class E license. This is essential if you plan to drive taxis around the city. The upgrade can cost you between $21 and $28, depending on your age and driving experience.

Take a Defensive Driving Course

To keep your license in good standing, you will need to take a defensive driving course every 18 months. The defensive driving course only takes six hours in New York. It includes information about safe driving and traffic laws. You can either take an online course or an in-person one which makes it very convenient. The cost varies from $30 to $40 depending on the company you choose. After finishing the course, you will get the certificate within seven business days.

Get a Medical Exam

The TLC agency requires all drivers to be fit to ensure that they can drive vehicles safely. As such, you need to visit your physician to get a comprehensive physical examination. After the examination, the physician will fill out and stamp the medical report. This medical exam report can be downloaded and printed from the TLC website.

Take a Drug Test

You can take a drug test anywhere within New York, but it is recommended that you take it in an area near the TLC office. To get the test, all you need to do is to show your driving license and pay a $26 fee. After that, a urine sample will be taken, and the results of the test will be forwarded to TLC. If you successfully pass all of your tests, you will get your TLC Certification.
If you wish to operate or drive for an Uber business in New York, Uber TLC is a necessity, and you can only acquire it by following the above-described procedure. Remember to check your TLC new application status regularly in case additional information is needed.