So, you are thinking about taking a defensive driving course but do not know where to turn? Relax, many out there have been in your situation. They know that attending so-called traffic school is good for them. However, they have no idea where to get NY or NJ defensive driving answers.

To help you make your decision about whether to take one, following are the top questions and answers about the these somewhat feared programs.

Can I find the answers to my defensive driving course online?

Once you begin your course you may find the questions harder than you thought. True, the instructors are there to help you pass. However, they will not just hand the certificate to you. Instead, they expect you to do some work.

Do not get too worried! The answers are always available to you. For example, if you are taking an online course, the answers are in the school’s online material. You can also search the state DMV website. The department usually lists the pertinent rules of the road and any recent changes to the laws.

You will also want to re-read the course material. Perhaps you missed the answer while reading a little too quickly.

If the class is in-person or taken as a group, you can ask the other students where they located the answers.

Last, but certainly not least, ask your instructor or the school staff. They will be more than willing to help. Just be sure that you have really tried to complete the assignment before making a request.

Can I complete my defensive driving course online?

In the past, you had to attend NY defensive driving school in person. Today, you can go to the school or complete the course online. This fact has made attending traffic school a no-brainer. Everyone in New York and New Jersey should take one of these courses to become a safer driver.

One benefit of the online course is that you can enroll with a group. Many workplaces and households sign up this way. They take classes online at their convenience.

Check to see if your chosen school offers a group enrollment discount!

What if I fail my defensive driving course?

The only way to fail the NY or NJ defensive driving course is if you don’t finish it. As long as you put in the minimum required time (six hours total), you will pass and receive your credits!

Are the instructors teaching the online defensive driving course difficult?

You might imagine a Defensive Driving classroom instructor as being some hardcore DMV staffer who is out to fail students. Perhaps you think they will be a former Marine drill instructor who still thinks they are in the Corps.

In reality, some instructors are retired DMV workers and veterans! Yet, you can relax. Their job is not to punish you for mistakes but to ensure that you learn from them.

Does completing a defensive driving course dismiss a traffic ticket in NJ or NY?

Unlike some states, taking a NY or NJ defensive driving will not dismiss a traffic ticket. Rather, it may help you combat points being added to your record. Check with the traffic court first before you begin the course. They will be able to advise you when you should complete the course for the best results.

Do I earn an auto insurance discount after completing my defensive driving course?

Can I complete assignments for my defensive driving course on my phone/other mobile device?

The best schools offer many ways to access the course material, including mobile platforms. Always check with the admissions office about accessibility and compatibility prior to enrolling.

It’s time to enroll in your defensive driving course!

Now that you know the top NY and NJ defensive driving course answers, you are ready to enroll! Get started right away while you are still highly motivated to succeed.

Best of luck!

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