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Getting Ticket Dismissed in Texas

If you would like to reduce your points from getting a traffic ticket in Texas, taking a Texas State-Approved Defensive-Driving Course is a great way to do it. IMPROV offers excellent Defensive Driving Online for this purpose and is a best choice for taking a Texas traffic-school course online.

IMPROV offers an easy solution for dismissing a Texas Traffic Ticket. This option is affordable, convenient and on a flexible schedule allowing you to choose when and where to learn which a classroom course cannot give you.

Course of Action Determination

To get points removed from your driving record and your traffic ticket dismissed, one option is to complete a driving safety course approved by the state. Make sure the course has the approval of the Texas Education Agency.

The first step in the process of dismissing your ticket is to admit guilt for the moving violation. You can also sign a "no contest" statement for the citation. Step two is to request permission on or before your court appearance date which is specified on your ticket. The court will tell you your options to respond by mail or in person.

Ineligible for a Traffic Ticket Dismissal

You may not be eligible for a traffic ticket dismissal after completing a driver safety course in the following circumstances:

  • Tickets cited for over 25 mph higher than the speed limit posted
  • Driving 95 mph or higher
  • Commercial drivers who commit traffic violations
  • If you pass a school bus
  • Severe or serious violations
  • Failure to provide information or help after involvement in an accident
  • Offenses committed in the presence of construction workers in a construction zone
  • You have already completed a court-ordered defensive driving course over the last year previous to receiving your ticket

Holders of a TX CDL that get pulled over will not get tickets dismissed regardless of the type of vehicle they are driving when cited.

Completion of a Driving Safety Course

Once the traffic court approves a driving safety course, you will be provided with a deadline to complete it. Spare time may be hard to come by for many drivers to sit in a classroom to learn what is needed. However, state-approved driving classes are offered online which you can take at home on your own computer when your schedule is free. As long as you pass by the court deadline, you will fulfill the requirement. Many courts give drivers 90 days to complete the class.

Whether you choose an online course, DVD course or traditional classroom, you will receive a certificate of completion for the six-hour class. Many traffic schools send students two copies of the certificate by mail--one for your auto insurance provider and one for the court.

Take note that courts will only honor class completion subsequent to receiving a traffic violation. You cannot take and complete a driving course for a future traffic violation.

Submitting Requirements to the Court

The court will provide you with instructions of what needs to be submitted to get the points and traffic ticket removed from your driving record. These instructions include:

  • The completion certificate for the driving safety course
  • Any additional fees besides ticket fines
  • A photocopy of your driving record

Texas only allows a driver to get a ticket dismissal through completion of a TEA-approved driving course once per year. Citations for not having a safety seat for a child or improperly seating a child in a car seat do not apply to this limit. A Child Seat Belt Safety Class may be taken as well as the driving safety course if the court approves.

Your Texas Driving Record

In order to be sure that your points have been removed or reduced, check your Texas driving record. Even if you were not recently ticketed, it is a good idea to periodically check that the state's records are correct. Too many points accumulated can lead to a suspended driver's license or higher insurance rates for your car.

Obtaining a Discount on Auto Insurance

After completing a TEA-approved driver safety course, you will not only get a renewal on Texas driving laws and safety tips for driving, but you may also receive a discount on rates for auto insurance. After completion of a TEA-approved class, many auto insurance companies discount the liability part of your car insurance policy (potentially up to 10 percent). Contact your car insurance agent for more information about discounts. You might be happy to save money over the next few years.

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