In New York, owning car insurance is a big deal, almost as big as taking a defensive driving course online. You could wreck your car on a windy country road, watch your car crash from the slippery ice, or have a crazy city-goer rear-end you. When owning a car in New York, you must be insured. That’s why today you’ll learn all about how to celebrate one of the best days of the year: Insurance Awareness Day.

Being insured is one thing. Celebrating the fact that you have insurance is another. Join us while we illustrate the best ways to show everyone how much you appreciate being on an auto insurance plan.

Buy some auto insurance

One of the best ways to celebrate Insurance Awareness Day is by purchasing your own auto insurance. The mission of today is to inform people about the importance of being insured as a driver. What better way to do that than by owning car insurance?

To buy the plan that’s best for you, you might have to shop around and compare prices. What may be regarded as a highly stressful and annoying activity will be considered celebratory today! Congrats on taking part in this special holiday.

Insert your auto insurance plan into every mundane conversation

Once you’re insured, the next best thing to do is to have your friends recognize you as, “The insurance person.” Try your best to insert the fact that you have auto insurance into every single conversation today. You won’t only be spreading the gospel on how great your policy is, but you will show everyone how great of a day it is. Not only will you be challenging yourself to commit to the holiday, but the auto insurance gods will smile upon you knowing that you’re spreading the good word… even if it’s derailing every conversation with auto insurance.

Make yourself a massage appointment

You can relax now that you have auto insurance. Instead of thinking about the repercussions of getting into an accident, you can daydream about handling an insurance claim with ease, because you’re covered! Go get a massage! You no longer have to stress out over made-up or real-life scenarios about, “What if something bad happens to my car?” The answer will be, “Don’t worry, be happy!” That’s the best gift on NY Insurance Day!

Throw a party

Since Insurance Awareness Day comes once a year, it’s kind of like having a birthday. That’s why throwing a big soiree is the perfect way to celebrate Insurance Awareness Day. You can invite all your friends and talk about your insurance policies. There’s no party as riveting as an auto insurance party.

Brag about your favorite auto insurance like it’s a turf war

Don’t let your party get out of hand with an altercation. Auto insurance can be a heated topic of discussion. That’s why bragging about your policy is better. You can show your friends about your brand-new clothing in your closet or impress them with your insurance branded koozies. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly bragging about your insurance. You might even convince someone who doesn’t have auto insurance to get insured!

Spread the word

The best thing to do on Insurance Awareness Day is to spread the word. Being an insured auto owner goes together with owning a car. The point of today is to make sure your friends and loved ones are equipped with the insurance policy that fits them best. Doing so will mean they’re secured financially in the instance of a wreck or collision. Get insured before it’s too late. Happy Insurance Awareness Day!