Michigan police, like police across the country, are decidedly anti-drunk driving. They have a zero tolerance stance and show no mercy to anyone they catch driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They simply will not allow you to endanger the lives of everyone just so you can have some fun.

Lately distracted driving has been getting all the attention, especially following the release of a report by the National Transportation Safety Board which showed there were more fatalities attributed to distracted driving crashes than those caused by DUI. But does nothing to diminish the fact that driving under the influence of alcohol is just as deadly as it has always been.

In fact, given the increased number of cars on the road today, drunk driving is even more dangerous than it has ever been before.

Which is likely what prompted Michigan police to launch a Spring offensive against drivers who might have had a few drinks before getting behind the wheel.

More than 165 agencies in 26 counties participated in the offensive which resulted in 79 drivers being charged under the state’s new “Super Drunk” legal limit of 0.17 or higher. Plus, another 300 or so arrested for having a blood alcohol content of .08 or above. Less than “Super Drunk” but still too drunk to be on the road driving.

Nicknamed, “Over the Limit. Under Arrest.” the Michigan crackdown lasted from March 13 to April 2. It resulted in nearly 4,000 citations or arrests, and 8,083 traffic stops all of which centered on DUI enforcement.

Distracted driving is easy enough to counter: just don’t allow anything to take your attention away from your driving and you’ll be ok. Unfortunately when your thinking is impaired by drugs or alcohol your common sense goes out the window and you end up doing stupid things because you simply cannot stop yourself. Fortunately for everyone the police in every state are watching out for them, and for us.