Florida Traffic School and Driver Ed by Improv in Tampa, Fl

Florida Traffic SchoolFlorida Traffic SchoolFlorida Traffic SchoolFlorida Traffic SchoolFlorida Traffic SchoolFlorida Traffic School

Welcome to the Improv’s Tampa classroom location for our Florida Approved Traffic School course in Tampa, FL. Whether required by the Florida DMV to take traffic school due to a traffic accident or a violation, or if you have elected to take traffic school for a possible insurance discount, we provide a fun and easy option either online or in a classroom setting. Register here to complete the course at your convenience or call for a classroom schedule. 1600 E 8th Ave. Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 344-2204 Online Course  Other Florida Locations

What do Improv Comedy Club and Traffic School Have in Common?

Custom-designed by the world-famous Improv Comedy Club more than two decades ago, our convenient online defensive driving classes were created from the simple notion that an online traffic school needn't be dry and boring - Duh - right?! Here we are, 20 years later, still making you laugh while helping you learn and be rid of those pesky traffic tickets that cramp your style. We do still offer a limited number of courses in the classroom, but we're approved state-wide for online instruction; so skip the classroom and come join us for a fun, educational experience. Click here to register online.

Reasons for attending Tampa, FL Traffic School Course?

If you are looking for options to prevent violations from damaging your driving record, a successful completion of our California State Approved Traffic School course is a great option! While our course will get your traffic school dismissed, attending traffic school will improve your driving knowledge and enhance your driver skill level, it will also increase your safety awareness, which will result in more safer drivers on the roads! More info about benefits for taking the Improv Traffic School course here.

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Florida Traffic School