It sounds ludicrous at first, but so did Earth Shoes, car phones and kiwi as a garnish.

In keeping with its commitment of promoting driver safety and providing the state’s motorists with enhanced customer conveniences Arizona Supreme Court approved Improv Traffic School, an online humor-based defensive driving program, for Arizona drivers who are cited for moving violations.

Improv gained its fame in the driver training field in the early 80’s, when its founder Gary Alexander partnered with the famous Improv Comedy Club to create an interactive and fun traffic school and defensive driving program for Los Angeles motorists.

Based on a simple notion that when you enjoy the learning process you simply learn more, Alexander has grown Improv to one of the largest and most respected defensive driving schools in the country. Since then more than a million students have taken Improv’s classes in both classroom and online settings for ticket dismissal, insurance discounts and court ordered defensive driving. Improv’s teaching methodology has been backed by a number of studies showing that its edutainment curriculum is effective in reducing future crashes and moving violations.

I can’t guarantee none-stop laughs”, Gary Alexander admits, “I will shoot for less painful, simple and effective”.

Eligible Arizona Motorists who successfully complete Improv’s online defensive driving course are eligible to have their moving violations dismissed by issuing court.

The Improv’ s online traffic school course is available to Arizona motorists at

The online course consists of 10 simple modules featuring a combination of comedic, YouTube style video clips that are supported by easy to navigate text and graphics covering a variety of driving subjects ranging from basic traffic laws to more serious issues like DUI and seat belt use. The real beauty of this course is that it’s not only fun and effective; it can also be completed at your own pace in as little as 5-minute increments. Upon completion of all modules and passing of a simple quiz covering course material you get a certificate of completion that can be submitted to the court.