Save on your Auto Insurance Premiums!

Are you 55 or older with a valid Florida driver’s license? Take a Mature Driver Course that results in a mandatory insurance discount!

  • The Florida Mature Driver Course is designed for people ages 55 and up to review driving laws and skills to ensure safety on the road.
  • The State of Florida passed legislation (Florida Statute 627.0652) requiring that auto insurers provide you with a discount on your auto insurance after successful completion of the course.

Florida Online Mature Driver Improvement Course

This six-hour motor vehicle accident prevention course will allow you to get a mandatory reduction applied to your auto insurance for three years. Florida Statute requires insurance companies to provide a discount for drivers 55 years of age or older who have successfully completed a Mature Driver Improvement Course. This course is approved by the State of Florida.

The Florida Mature Driver Course includes the following categories of lessons:

  • Driving in an impaired state: How visual and auditory impairments affect driving competency and how to compensate for the deficit.
  • DUI: How medication, alcohol, and fatigue affect driving and preventive methods for avoiding dangers.
  • Road safety skills: Safe and effective driving procedures and refreshers on laws and equipment.
  • Planning before you go: How to schedule adequate travel time and select the best routes.
  • Executing good judgment while driving: How to make fast, critical decisions in dangerous situations.

FL Mature Driver Course, Insurance Discount Eligibility and Renewal

Drivers may choose between two kinds of Florida Mature Driver Courses: an introductory course or a renewal course. After completing the introductory course and earning the certificate of completion, the auto insurance discount is available for three years. Once that expires, the driver must complete a renewal course to continue receiving the auto insurance discount.

Mature drivers should complete the introductory course if:

  • A Mature Driver Course has not been previously completed, or
  • More than four years have passed since initial completion of the Mature Driver Course.

Mature drivers should complete a renewal course if:

  • The Mature Driver Course has already been completed, and
  • Less than four years have passed since completion of the course.

Auto Insurance Discount for Florida Mature Driver Course

Living in Florida can be expensive for motorists. But if you are 55 years of age or older, there is a simple and efficient way to lower your driving costs. Our Florida Mature Driving Improvement Course is easy and was created specifically for mature drivers. Upon completion, you will be eligible for an auto insurance discount of up to fifteen percent. Approved by Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the course is authorized for the state’s required three-year insurance discount available to mature drivers who take a course to improve driving skills. Typical savings are $100 per year for a total of $300 over three years.

What Specifically is Discounted?

The discount applies to the liability (bodily injury and property damage), collision, and personal injury protection portions of your policy, generally around 70%-85% of your current premium charges. The premium reduction remains in effect for three years provided you are:

  • Not at fault in any accident you are involved in; and
  • Not convicted of or plead guilty or nolo contendere to any moving violation.

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