Nothing compares to the stomach-punching feeling you get when you realize that YOU are the one the police car with spinning red lights and starling loud siren is trying to pull over. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your first ticket or your fourth, if you think you are innocent or guilty, you are going to have to pay some consequences. The good news is, well, the somewhat good news, is that taking care of a ticket is not that difficult. You basically have two routes you can take: go to court or don’t go to court. Going to Court A Florida driver usually goes to court because they think they are innocent and want to fight the ticket. Usually, if the officer who gave them the ticket shows up in court, the defendant/driver will lose. There is that 15-25% chance that the cop will be absent and you can get off fine-free, but is that a gamble you want to take? If you fight the ticket and you lose, then you will most likely have to pay the fine and the point(s) from the traffic infraction will stay on your record, and your car insurance rates will reflectively increase. You could also plead, “Guilty with an Explanation.” This plea may result in a fine reduction, however, it will be up to the judge if he will allow you to take FL traffic school to take the point(s) off of your record. Not Going To Court The perhaps easiest, more convenient route, is not to go to court. You will not have to take a day off work and spend a hectic afternoon surrounded by frustrated law breakers and nearer-good-doers. If you choose this road, then you will pay the ticket fine plus any fees for FL traffic school. Do not think this is a more expensive resolution! When you take traffic school online or in a classroom, it will take off the points from your driving record – and your car insurance rates will not go up! Going to FL Traffic School You could always take the easiest-easiest way out, which is paying the ticket and not going to traffic school. However, that option is for civilians who like to throw their money away into the wind and on high insurance rates. Do not be intimidated by Florida traffic school! There are schools in most FL cities and also online that offer very simple Basic Driver Improvement courses. The lowest price traffic school will offer the same benefits as all schools: they will report your completion to the FL DMV and provide an official certificate of completion for you to give to your traffic court. The BDI course that you take to avoid points from appearing on your record is only 4 hours long, and in some online traffic schools, it is only 3 hours and 15 minutes. The material consists of basic Florida traffic laws, defensive driving skills and practices and traffic sign definitions. You will be taking a final exam at the end of the course, but passing the FL traffic school final quiz is cake! Even easier than cake, it’s insured! Ensuring that your insurance will be secure! Going On Record No matter which route you take, make sure you keep receipts, proof of completion certificates and records for your records. The last thing you want is to be pulled over again by a copper holding a warrant for your arrest for not paying your traffic ticket(s)! There are some things that even money can’t buy, so keep that proof of traffic school completion in your glove compartment at all times- or in your purse, back pocket or cell phone’s “Most Important Photo Album File.”