Wondering how long do points stay on your license in NY? As in all other states, drivers who violate traffic laws are given a citation. New York state also adds points to their driving record which will usually affect their insurance rates. Points can add up if a driver commits multiple traffic violations. The points count on your DMV record for 18 months from the violation date. The Driver Violation Point System (DVPS) allows the New York state DMV to keep accurate records of driver infractions as well as insurance companies.

By keeping records, the DMV can monitor drivers that are considered high-risk. If you operate a vehicle in the State of New York you are allotted a maximum number of points before the DMV takes further action beyond a traffic citation and additional point accumulation. These actions escalate from additional fees, to the suggestion of a driver improvement course, to an possible suspension of your license.

How Are Points Calculated?

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There are three things you need to know about the way points accumulate on your license. They are:

1. You must be convicted of the New York state moving violation
2. Points accrue starting from the traffic violation date, NOT conviction date
3. Points accrued in the last 18 months are added to your driving record’s point total

Examples of Points Assigned for Traffic Violations

The points system is based on a wide range of traffic violations. Be careful, many points may be added to your driver record. Notable examples include:

• 3 to 11 points will be added to your driving record: Speeding (depends on amount over the limit)
• 3 Points will be added to your driving record: Failing to yield the right-of-way
• 3 Points will be added to your point total: Leaving the scene of an accident (property damage only)
• 5 Points: Reckless driving
• 5 Points: Railroad crossing violation
• 5 Points: Using a cell phone while driving

Examples of Points That are NOT Assigned for Traffic Violations or are included in the point system

• Bicycle violation
• Pedestrian violation
• Parking violation
• Unregistered, unlicensed, or uninsured driving
• Weight or emissions violation

How Long Do Points Stay on your License?

A traffic violation remains on a New York driver’s record for three years after the conviction. This is same answer when asking, “How long do points stay on your license?” However, the point system only counts the many points on your record for DMV purposes for an 18 month period from the date of the offense.

Although the points from a traffic ticket are kept on a driver’s record for three years, they are not used for accumulation purposes, but rather for assessment of the driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle. Points accumulated for a suspension or revocation are only done so in any 18 month period. Therefore, if during any 18-month period you accumulate enough points to hit established point thresholds, you will face additional penalties. You can monitor your point record by checking it at any time through your MyDMV profile.

There are, however, exceptions to the above rule when asking, “How long do points stay on your license in New York state?” For instance, an alcohol-related traffic violation or other DUI-related traffic ticket will remain on a driver record for ten years. Multiple DUI offenses will result in more severe penalties. Any suspension or revocation of your license will remain on a driver’s record for up to four years. Serious offenses cannot be forgiven by safety programs or a point reduction program.

New York Driver’s License Point Penalties

As you accumulate points, you will face increasing penalties. Add 6 or more to your driving record within 18 months and you will be assessed a new additional fee. If you fail to pay your license will be automatically suspended.

When you reach 11 points in an 18-month window your driver’s license could be suspended. However, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the New York Point and Insurance Reduction Program</a> (PIRP). This means you will be eligible to take a NY DMV approved defensive driving course to reduce the active points on your driving record.

Point Removal on Drivers License

So, how does the PIRP work? Drivers who acquire points on their record may enroll for a NY DMV-approved defensive driving course. The program will prevent you from getting your license suspended or revoked if you accumulate more than 11 points on your driving record within an 18 month period. Whether or not you plead guilty to the offense does not matter. You can reduce your record by up to 4 points by taking the course, preventing your license from being suspended.

In addition, you will also be eligible for a lowered insurance premium. When you successfully complete the PIRP, your insurance company must also grant you an insurance discount which will last for three years!