Norwalk Police Department, in southern Florida, arrested a half dozen street racers just before they hit the road to challenge each other in a stupidity contest.

We say, ‘stupidity contest’ because street racing is similar to taking your life and the life of everyone sharing the road with you into your hands and shaking them violently. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol or driving distracted you have something else occupying your attention. If you race in the street you are just plain stupid because although you are staring at the road ahead of you, you are pushing your vehicle to its utmost limits and trusting that a tire won’t blow, a child (dog, cat, raccoon or deer) won’t run into the street in front of you and that the universe will not conspire against you.

Street racers also modify their cars (often bypassing safety features) in order to achieve even higher, more unsafe speeds.

Norwalk Police Sgt. Lisa Cotto said the group was spotted at the top of the southbound Grist Mill on-ramp by a cruiser called to the scene by passersby just before 11:30 p.m. When the officer turned on his lights and siren, six cars sped away with their wheels spinning and burning out, causing blinding white smoke to billow behind them, Cotto said.

The officer followed the cars, some of which pulled off at New Canaan Avenue, but lost track of five of them, Cotto said.

The officer was able to keep up with a black 1999 Honda Civic and pulled the vehicle over shortly after it got off at the New Canaan Avenue exit of the connector, Cotto said.

Inside the vehicle, the officer saw that the passenger seat and rear seat had been taken out in order to lighten the vehicle and make it faster, Cotto said.