Taking a defensive driving course from the Georgia DMV may be a requirement for you or you can choose to take the course on a voluntary basis. You may be required to take the course if you have received a traffic violation or have a court order that details the requirement. Additionally, you may be required to take the course to reinstate your GA driver's license. If you are not required to take the course, you can opt to do so to earn a car insurance discount or for point reductions on your driver's license.

How Points are Added to Your License

Some people have a points free driving record in Georgia but not everyone is so lucky. Points can be added to your GA drivers license when you get traffic violations. There is a point system in the state of Georgia that is used for specific types of traffic violations. If you get more than 15 points on your GA driving record in a 24-month period, then your license will be suspended. There are typically no points placed on a driving record when the traffic violation is for speeding and you are driving less than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit that is posted for that road. You also will not get any points placed on your record is the traffic violation outlines that you were driving too fast for conditions and you fall under the 15 miles per hour rule. After that, the Georgia Point System operates on a range from 2 to 6 points based on how fast you were going at the time that you were clocked by the police. According to the GA DDS, these are the most common violations and their point values:

Two-Point Driving Infractions

• Driving 15 to 18 MPH over the posted speed limit • Driving with an open alcohol container in the vehicle

Three-Point Driving Infractions

• Driving 19 to 23 MPH over the posted speed limit • Disobeying a police officer

Four-Point Driving Infractions

• Driving 24 to 33 MPH over the posted speed limit • Driving recklessly - 4 points

Six-Point Driving Infractions

• Speeding 34 MPH or more over the posted speed limit • Driving aggressively

How to Remove Points from Your License

Getting points on your driver’s license from the GA DMV can be stressful but there are ways that you can remove them. You can either wait to have them removed once enough time has passed or you can take a GA defensive driving course from DMV GA to have some removed. You can take this course once every five years and remove 7 points from your driving record. Doing this not only reduces the points that you currently have on your license but it can also help you avoid possibly getting a suspended license. Once you have completed the course, you will need to take your completion certificate from your defensive driving GA course to your local DMV office. Additionally, you can mail it directly to them. Once you have done this, they will process your form and will deduct the points from your license. This point reduction will not happen immediately but once you have submitted it to them, they will process it based on their timeline. If you have points on your license, it can be worth your time to complete this course and get some points removed.