what is parent-taught driver's ed Parent-Taught Driver's Ed is an exciting option being offered by some states. It provides for teen driver education with the direct involvement of parents or guardians. It involves more than just driving around practicing driving however. It gives an opportunity to directly teach driver education skills and regulations. It can help make teen drivers, and those they share the roads with, safer. For over ten years now, Driver License Direct by Improv has been helping thousands of parents help their teenagers earn their driver licenses. We do this while helping them become safe and responsible drivers. Our unique driver training program covers all that a teen needs to learn – Driver Education and Driver Training in an entertaining and fun way. Just what does this online driver education course cover?
  • The traffic laws of your particular state
  • How outside factors like weather can affect roadways
  • Basic vehicle maintenance
  • Why alcohol and driving don’t mix
  • Who has the right of way in various driving situations
Parents will also be required to spend a required amount of time with their teen behind the wheel. The amount of hours varies according to each individual state. In many states, the online driver education course is not limited to be taught by parents alone. Legal guardians, step-parents and even grand parents may take on this role. In these instances, the person taking on the role of teacher must:
  • Have a valid driver’s license in the state where the student lives.
  • Have had their driver’s license for a specific period of time which is decided by the state.
  • Cannot have had a DUI or other serious driving offense.

What Makes this Different than Regular Drivers Ed?

In a classroom there is one teacher who is in charge of the entire class. With Parent Taught Drivers Ed, the first time driver gets individualized attention. With drivers ed online, questions can be answered individually, as they arise. This can make the [ parent taught driver education – Point to Parents Place_How it Works] course much more informative and educational than a traditional classroom course.

Would you like to get More Information?

Gaining more information about Parent-Taught Driver Education online is easy. Here is what the [Driver's Ed requirements – Point to State-by-State Requirements] are in the state where you live.

The Importance of The Parent-Teen Driving Contract

We don’t believe that the parent-teen cooperation should end when a teenager completes their drivers ed course. It shouldn’t even stop once they successfully get their drivers license. We think our [ Parent-Teen Driving Agreement - Point to Agreement] is an important part of continuing their driving knowledge and the expectations of both parties when it comes to their use of a motor vehicle. Our Parent-Teen Driving Agreement includes:
  • Discussing a driving curfew
  • Expectations about who is allowed to ride in a vehicle that your teen is driving
  • Distracted driving and use of cell phones while driving
  • What to do in case of a traffic accident or if they get a ticket
While we believe our Parent-Teen Driving Contract is a solid starting document it is completely customizable by you. That means you can take out complete sections, or edit the document as both parties talk about what it should, or shouldn't contain and reach compromises. Mutually agreeing upon the details of this contract is a powerful tool in creating trust and understanding. The document is all about enhancing the safety of your teen driver. Our Parent-Teen Driving Contract can be downloaded to print right on your own computer. There is nothing left to do but select your specific state and learn more about the drivers ed requirements. Driver education online is an easy, fun option to get a learners permit and ultimately a drivers license. Sign up for online drivers ed and be on your way to that drivers permit! what is parent-taught driver's ed