If you want to save money on gasoline and help protect the environment, there are some great ways you can green your vehicle routine. A basic maintenance routine, like what you might learn in a driver education course, can keep your car or truck running well and using less gasoline.

Additionally, it will offer up less pollution, so you'll be helping to protect the planet. Batteries, tires, used motor oil, and other items should also be properly recycled, so you don't do damage to the environment by dumping them in landfills.

There are five main tips to consider when you're trying to take care of your car's maintenance and take care of the environment at the same time.

  • Be aware that your driving habits have a lot to do with what kind of fuel mileage you get, and that affects the environment. The more fuel you save, the better. Travel at the posted speed limit, and avoid sudden stops and fast starts. When you drive carefully and in a more fluid, relaxed manner, you save gasoline and money. It's also easier on your car.
  • Keeping your car tuned up is valuable, as well. Change your air filter to get a 10 percent boost in fuel economy, and consider regular tune-ups to save another four percent. Faulty oxygen sensor? Get it replaced. It could be costing you up to 40 percent in fuel economy loss.
  • The lighter your car or truck is, the less fuel it will use. Don't haul around things you don't need, so you can save some money.
  • Check your gas cap, and replace it if it's not working right or doesn't seal properly. A lot of the gas you put in your tank is being vaporized if your gas cap doesn't fit correctly. That's hard on the environment and your wallet.
  • Keep your tires inflated to the right pressure. You'll get better gas mileage, saving you a lot of money at the pump. You can damage your engine and spend up to five cents per gallon more if you don't keep your tires inflated properly.

In a Florida Drivers Ed course, your teen driver can learn the rules of the road along with important maintenance tips. A FL Driver Education course will teach your young driver the right way to handle things on the road and during maintenance times, so the environment is protected and he or she is as safe as possible behind the wheel.

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