TN traffic continues to get heavier as more people move to and visit this beautiful state. Sadly, more traffic creates more aggravated drivers and who then create more traffic violations. If you receive a traffic ticket in TN, do not panic! Proceed in a careful manner and you can emerge from TN tickets without major repercussions. Let's look at what to do after being ticketed for alleged driving violations in Tennessee.

Tennessee Tickets: What to Do

If you believe you were issued a ticket improperly due to a mechanical failure in TN traffic cameras or any other reason, do not plead guilty. Particularly traffic in Nashville TN can get awfully hectic. There is a good chance you were merely keeping up with the flow of traffic Nashville TN or spurred to act a certain way due to the behavior of other drivers. Even if you checked the Nashville TN traffic report before heading out, you still might end up with tickets to Tennessee simply because you got caught up in the pace of traffic. Plead not guilty to the traffic ticket charges by the method dubbed appropriate for the court in question. Options for entering such a plea include: in-person, by e-mail and regular mail. You will plead to the city court or the municipal court, depending on which is in charge of your case. Be sure to enter your plea prior to the hearing date noted on your ticket. If you are confused as to the details of where and how to plead not guilty, take a close look at your ticket for details.

What's Next?

Once the court receives your not-guilty plea, you will be assigned a date to return for the pre-trial conference. This is an important date. If you miss it or any other scheduled court appearance, the TN DOT traffic authorities will likely suspend your license. If you must reschedule your court date or if you have questions or concerns regarding entering a plea of not guilty, do not be afraid to ask for help. You can obtain assistance from your attorney or the TN city or municipal court that is handling your specific case.

What a Not Guilty Plea Really Means

An individual who pleads not guilty to a traffic ticket is exercising his legal right to appear before a judge and argue for his innocence. This not guilty plea confirms the individual has the time necessary to appear in court. It might be necessary for the individual to appear in court several times. The plea indicates the individual in question understands he might face jail time if determined to be guilty of a serious charge such as a DWI. The not-guilty plea also confirms the individual knows points can be added to his record if the ultimate result is a conviction of the alleged offense. If you are found guilty, consider taking a defensive driving traffic class. This class teaches you how to drive in a defensive manner. It also has the potential to reduce the number of points on your driving record. Furthermore, taking a defensive driving class can reduce your auto insurance premium to boot. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by enrolling in such a class.

Consequences of Contesting a Traffic Ticket

If you lose the case, you will be subjected to one or several penalties. These penalties include points added to your driving record, fines, driver's license suspension, jail time, community service and forced enrollment in a defensive driving course. However, if you win your case, you won't be fined, have points added to your driving record, endure an auto insurance rate hike or face any other penalties. . The charges are dismissed. Just be sure to check your TN driving record to ensure it is accurate in the aftermath of your case. It’s a worthy gamble if you have evidence or luck to back you up.
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