Driving stupid, which means breaking the speed limit, distracted driving or any sort of reckless driving, is bad enough. But if you’re dumb enough to post video of yourself doing it on your social media network, or brag about it via social media, you deserve to be busted.

That’s the lesson being learned by stupid drivers across the country as sharing information becomes ever easier and flagrant disregard for traffic safety becomes synonymous with “being cool.”

There is nothing cool about breaking the law, especially if it puts you, your passengers or some perfect stranger at risk just so you can show-off for your friends. Posting video of your illegal conduct online only serves to show the entire world just how un-cool you are, not to mention stupid.

The fact is, more teens are killed in traffic crashes than by any other means. Distracted driving is the worst offender, but in many cases drugs or alcohol, excessive speed, reckless driving and just plain stupid behavior are also root causes. I wish I could wave a magic wand and convince every kid not to take their life in their hands when they get behind the wheel. The fact is, statistically, even if you are a safe driver you are more likely to die in a car than on an airplane, boat or even while sky diving. It’s not the safest mode of travel ever devised when it’s done correctly. When it’s done incorrectly, or stupidly, it is the perfect mix of bravado and carnage.

So, come to think of it, I hope more kids post videos of themselves doing stupid things behind the wheel. It makes them easier to catch and easier to convict. The police regularly surf social media for viral videos of kids in their district doing dangerous or illegal things. Once they see the video they have the evidence, and only need to find the kids to make them pay for their actions.

And maybe a few years without a license will teach them to be safe drivers and not risk lives just for a few cheap thrills.

Image: photostock / FreeDigitalPhotos.net