Wyoming Defensive Driving Course
When my son is ready to drive, I will enroll him in this course on-line as great learning tool. - Elizabeth H.
I think this is a great alternative to sitting in a classroom for hours. You can take the course at your own pace Loved it! - Janet C.
After haven found Improv I quickly canceled my enrollment with another online defensive driving school. - Aracely M.
I like the humor used to get information across. It made learning fun and easy to pay attention to. I really enjoyed all of the crazy pictures too. I think that the flexibility of this course is wonderful because it can be done during any of your free time so there is no excuse for anyone to not take this course. It showed me how unaware I really am of certain rules and regulation especially since sometimes the laws change. I'm very glad that I took this course. - Monica R.
It was informative. Things you don't even know you're doing were obvious and I will be more aware of others and my surroundings as I drive from now on. It was very easy to use I enjoyed it too. - Timothy M.
This course made it so much fun and made it very easy to understand and get through it. - Amber G.
I really learned a lot more than I have in the classroom setting. I was able to take this course when I was relaxed and fresh. I did it in three days and it was not a drudgery like several hours straight (usually in an uncomfortable classroom.) This way, I took a lot longer than the required time and I retained the information. - Sandra S.
It was great to do this in the comfort of my home especially in the cold weather. - Joan P.
I definitely made the right choice in choosing this course. The jokes and videos were great and of course the material was necessary and informational. - Anthony S.
I actually got some great tips. learned stuff I didn’t know. - David Y.
This course actually allowed me to learn in a fun way, which made me actually want to go into the course and want to retain the information. - Jessica A.
I liked the fact that I could stop and then start another time. That made it much less stressful for me and a lot easier than traveling somewhere to take the course. Thank you. - Phebe A.
The pictures were funny and I learned some things about my driving I had not realized. - Julie G.
This was a very enlightening course and very easy to follow. I consider myself a safe driver in my 50 years of driving I have never had an accident. I will continue to be a courteous driver and to pay attention to all the rules. I know that it is a privilege to drive. Thanks for the great course. - Dorothy C.
I enjoyed the course and found it extremely productive and educational! - Brandon B.
As a busy working mom, this ADM course was very convenient and so easy to use. - Im L.
With my work schedule and having to work midnights this was a monumental step in obtaining my defensive driving course for insurance privileges. I don’t believe I could have done this had I been mandated to attend a classroom. I did a classroom session once before and it was very difficult to schedule the time for it. - John W.
Not glad that I received a citation for speeding in a school zone, but glad I was required to take this course. I feel this course had more impact for me. I will be an informed defensive driver now. I feel all licensed drivers should be required to take this course periodically. - Shirley M.
This was a very surprisingly positive experience. - Jerry V.
I will definitely recommend this course to all of my friends. this course is vital for any driver. - Jacquessaint J.
It was nice to be able to do it in stages and not have to go through the whole thing at one time. - Carol O.
I think the Improv format allowed this course to be fear free...Those who have difficulty taking tests and concentrating on starchy material will find it very doable and informative. - Beverly W.
I found the course entertaining, relative information and easy to use! - Patricia G.
I was really impressed with this. I read through it and was not bored at all. The jokes and tone really helped me stayed focused. Thank you for a painless experience! - Adrien S.
Wyoming Defensive Driving Course