Vermont Defensive Driving Course
Hilarious and fun good learning experience - David A.
Great course and so easy. It is so convenient to be able to log in and log out to complete the course. - Lisa L.
This is my second time using the service and have enjoyed this time as much as I did the first time better than going to a boring class. - Joanne B.
It was very convenient, instructive and accessible. I would recommend it. - William H.
My mother and father made me take the course. I really didn't want to spend 6 hours doing this course, but I am glad I did. It refreshed for me all of the topics covered in Drivers Ed. Thank you. - Daniel B.
This course was made simple, but very, very informative. It was humorous and full of information. I would highly recommend it to my friends and family. - Shirley B.
Very interesting, lots of good information . - Donald F.
The most fun you can have while fulfilling a legal requirement! - Christopher E.
Driving School isn't intended to be fun, but your program is very well designed and made my experience very good. I hear taking traditional classes is incredibly boring, and I didn't find that to be the case with your program. - Kaitlyn B.
I enjoyed it #NAME? a lot even though I have been driving for years. - Mary K.
It s a very excellent course, in terms of details, presentation, and the flexibility the ADM method affords. - Karl R.
Very easy and convenient...thank you for making this a hassle free process! - Amanda B.
I appreciate completing this on my own schedule. Saves me the extra cost of a babysitter. I can do it after my child goes to sleep at night instead. - Christine M.
It was fun and kept me interested. - Richard O.
The course provided useful, practical advice, while being fun at the same time! - James B.
Very easy and fun but also learned from it as well. - John P.
Great course, I enjoyed the witty, snarky sense of humor it included. I like the amount of statistics and facts presented as well. Seems like pretty accurate information and presented in a way that easily relates to everyone. Thank you! - Jessica M.
Great course! Far better than sitting in a long class! - Steve T.
I liked the fact that I was able to complete the course at my own pace. - Kathleen C.
I actually learned more through this on-line course than attending classes. Seems classes get carried away with other things and material is not covered. Would recommend others take the on-line course. - Susan M.
Great course and very convenient. - Robert L.
It was good to get a refresher on driving rules and regulations. - Matthew R.
I truly enjoyed the light heartedness and easy way to get the information across. It made it a very pleasant experience. - Joann W.
I am going to forward to my adult children- besides the insurance reduction, there is a lot of valuable information!! Awesome course! - Denise L.
Vermont Defensive Driving Course