So you got a moving violation in the state of Texas. As the old saying goes, Don’t Mess with Texas, which is why you should do everything you can to get this ticket taken care of as soon as possible.

While you could certainly take a Texas Defensive Driving class or some other boring defensive driving course in your home state and send the information in, that’s actually unnecessary—as you would be missing out the opportunity to do this type of defensive driving with us.

Based on defensive driving reviews alone, comedy defensive driving is leaps and bounds better than any other defensive driving course out there. A few of these reasons for taking a comedy defensive driving class over any other standard TX defensive driving course is listed below.

Laughter is the Best Medicine...

Defensive driving in Texas is just as boring as defensive driving anywhere else in the country, so you'll get to laugh throughout the court mandated sessions for almost the same amount of money. The comedian instructors in the comedy defensive driving class not only know the material very well, they also have a sense of humor about it, which is on the tip of everyone's tongue in class anyway.

It Refreshes You on Things You Know in an Enjoyable Way

You may be reminded of driving rules you forgot when taking a comedy defensive driving class. There are probably a couple aspcts of driving that everyone could brush up on. All of the other stuff you already know will be where the comic relief comes into play.

New Connections to Your Classmates

Comedy brings people together, as if you laugh at something with someone else, you are naturally connected to them. In comedy defensive driving, you’ll end up laughing with total strangers, possibly making you a new friend. Or not.