What is the Texas Driver’s Handbook?

Improv Traffic Super Hero Driver License Direct by Improv is delighted to provide you with an official copy of the Texas DMV Texas Driver’s Handbook. The Texas Driver’s Handbook is an essential tool for anyone preparing to apply for a learners permit or a first time drivers license, or preparing to take a Texas DMV practice test. The handbook will also benefit those will be taking Texas driving lessons or whose drivers license has been expired for an extended period of time (more than two years), and new Texas residents that need to get a Texas license. Getting ready to pass your Texas DMV exam can be a bit scary, but studying the Texas driver guidebook to help you learn Texas road rules will minimize the burden. The free Drivers Handbook will contain important information about topics such as:
    • How to get a Texas driver's license
    • Texas requirements for vehicle registration
    • Tips on how to drive defensively and safely
    • The hazards and consequences of Texas driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
    • Texas roadway signs and regulations
    • Pedestrian and bicycle safety

Be prepared

To make sure you pass your Texas DMV exam, you should be well prepared. The Drivers Handbook should be used when studying, as it contains all of the information that could potentially appear on the exam. The Texas driver manual is written in a way that it makes reading and learning easy. Better yet, you can download it now. Why not download it from your cell phone so you can study while waiting at the Texas DMV office to begin your exam. Also before you get your license, it is important to check out auto insurance plans. Many providers create policies specifically for new drivers and teens in your situation. Rates are always changing based on how good of a student you are, where you live, and where your Texas driving will be. Take look at the latest updates.

Download your Copy of The Texas Drivers Handbook

Texas Driver’s Handbook

Texas Drivers Handbook

Driver License Direct by Improv is pleased to make this valuable resource available for Texas drivers at no cost! Getting your copy is easy, simply download the digital version of the Texas Driver Handbook. You can download the most recent version of the Texas Driver's Handbook absolutely free compliments of Driver License Direct by Improv. If you have any questions regarding the Texas Parent Taught Driver Education course, or if you were approved by the Court to take a DMV Texas Driver Safety course to dismiss a ticket, our friendly staff can answer your questions or help you get started. All rights reserved.

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