Driving defensively in Texas isn't always easy with children in the car. Children are a distraction to the driver and when you are trying to employ Texas defensive driving techniques, you need to be focused. Put your cell phone away, turn down the radio and give your kids an activity to do that will keep them quiet before you begin driving.

To be one of the TX defensive driving professionals, keep your mind focused on what you are doing. Check your mirrors often and look for potential road hazards as you drive down the road. Many accidents occur because the driver did not understand defensive driving techniques.

If you live in Houston defensive driving skills are crucial. The city of Houston is large and full of aggressive traffic. Make sure to bring plenty of activities for children to do if you are going to be driving kids around. The more your kids have to do the less time they will spend trying to get your attention.

Be aware of any special road conditions and always be prepared to react to other drivers. Not everyone in Houston is practicing good defensive driving skills so be respectful of other drivers, maintain appropriate speed and keep your distance from other cars.

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