Steps for Taking a Texas Driver Safety Course

Following are the steps necessary to attend a Texas Driver Safety Course (DSC) to dismiss your Texas traffic ticket:

  1. Make sure you are eligible to take DSC. You are eligible to take a Texas defensive driving course if:
    • You have a valid Driver's License
    • You do not have a CDL
    • You have not taken a defensive driving course in Texas for at least one year from the date of the citation
    • You were not going over 95 mph when you're citation was issued
    • You were cited for speeding more than 25 mph over the posted speed limit
    • Your citation was not for passing a school bus
    • Your citation was not related to a serious traffic violation
    • Your citation was not for failure to stop to provide information or aid after witnessing an accident
    • Your citation was not involving a violation in a construction zone where workers were present
  2. Apply for a Texas Driver Safety Course (DSC) with the court handling your ticket on or prior to your scheduled court date. Contact your court by phone or visit the court website for instructions.
  3. You will be notified by the court if you are approved to take the defensive driving Texas course via mail which will also include the requirements and a due date. Generally, you will have 90 days to complete the Texas Driver Safety Course.
  4. Choose the best online defensive driving course for you. Check out our fun comedy defensive driving course!
  5. Register for the Texas Driver Safety Course as soon as possible
  6. Take and complete the TX defensive driving course online. Complete the course at your own pace the over a period of time or in the same day as long as you complete the course prior to the due date indicated by the court.
  7. Your certificate will be available to print within 30 minutes of course completion. You can then submit the certificate to your court and to your insurance company if you wish.
  8. Submit your certificate of completion and your driving record to the Texas court handling your citation.