Meeting the Need

There are a number of reasons you might find yourself in need of a class in defensive driving in Texas. You might be seeking the discount from your insurance company, required to because of a ticket, or you might be new to Texas and want an introduction to the laws.

Whatever the reasons, you can choose to take defensive driving in Texas online instead of heading to a classroom. Simply grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the convenience of sitting comfy while you get some laughs and pass your defensive driving course.

Our driving school of North Texas provides the best in online comedy while ensuring you receive the practical instruction you’re seeking. Don't delay getting the training you need. We believe we can deliver the point effectively and still leave you laughing when you take defensive driving in Texas via our online site.

Did you hear the one…

You’ll find a website widely recognized as one of “The Best Traffic Schools.” Our material is created by professional writers from Hollywood and gets down to business in a light-hearted manner. We provide a 100 percent online experience at the driving school of North Texas. There are no proctors for your exams and all tests are multiple-choice and open book.

Our goal is to have you learn without stress or pressure and we get the job done quickly with all the efficiency of an online experience. We can process your application on the same day you apply and provide you with proof of completion in just 30 minutes. Plus, we’ll electronically file your completion with the courts and Department of Motor Vehicles.

We Keep You Laughing

The benefits of our online defensive driving course don’t end with the exam. You’ll also receive four VIP tickets to the Improv Comedy Club for you to enjoy. You probably won’t come in boxers or briefs, but you’ll still have a great time.

We make it totally easy. Simply visit our website and check out our options. We don’t hide any other fees or expenses and want you happy. That’s why we provide a money back guarantee and get so many satisfied customers. When you need to take a defensive driving course, get it done in the convenience of your own home. That way, when you FOMCL, you land on your own soft carpet.