Tennessee Defensive Driving Course
I much prefer this to a class and would recommend it to others. I was impressed with the overall design of it. Pretty easy to use and practical. - Serge K.
I really appreciated the "pit stops" and added humor throughout the course. I went into it thinking it was going to be a boring, textbookish course, but it was actually very enjoyable and informative. - Nicole R.
Entertaining, informative and thought provoking. I have already become more aware as I drive I am glad I took this course. - Dana O.
I enjoyed course; very informative, easy to follow and understand. A must for all drivers! - Frank S.
Very informative and entertaining. - Norman V.
This course is a great refresher on motor vehicle safety! - David G.
Didn’t think driving school could be so fun. And I actually learned something. - Andrej S.
This was an excellent online traffic school course because it was very informative when it comes to making you a safer driver. It was also very user friendly and it gives you plenty of time to finish with a busy work schedule. I strongly recommend this course to whoever needs to take a traffic course for whatever reason. - Luis D.
Well done! Course was presented clearly in an entertaining manner. Thank you. I will be recommending 'this' Defensive Driving Course to friends and family as well. - Jane K.
I really learned more than I thought I would and I feel like I can make a difference in not only my life but the lives of others by just making some really simple changes in the way I drive. - Matthew R.
This was a lot more user friendly then others that I heard of. I was a nervous wreck when I started but right from the beginning you made it a fun thing along with making me a lot more aware of everything around me especially when riding my motorcycle! - Robert P.
This online defensive driving course is better than going to a class for parents like us who are always busy with kids. Also content of course is very informative and helpful. - Tenzin P.
Great Course - truly enjoyed. It really made me think about a lot of things. The last chapter to me was the best chapter of all.. - Lori O.
I really loved this course! It really made it fun and I learned a lot! I have been practicing the skills I have learned in this class since the first day I started taking it. - Dusti S.
Thank you for making this experience fun and informative. The chapters were easy to digest and the pit stops were welcome comic relief. Much appreciated. - Laura F.
I liked the comedy thrown in there. And I like the "common sense driving" as opposed to Defensive Driving... Because it's all common sense. We just need to apply it. - Brian R.
This online driving course was the best thing for me. It was easy and understandable in all ways. I really learned a lot when it comes to driving therefore I would a lot more careful with my actions. - Kevin F.
The course was easy to understand and navigate, and I learned more from this course than the last time I took it with a instructor. - Teresa R.
Using my smartphone I can take traffic school anywhere at any time. The comedy breaks and quizzes are great, just the right amount of learning and fun. This is much better than going somewhere to take traffic school. - Oline C.
This was an eye opening course. My husband and I took it to reduce our insurance cost and it's probably one of he best things we've ever done from an informative standpoint. Showing something like this to new drivers would make a difference in their thought process on how to drive. We've certainly learned a few things. Thank you! While we weren't keen on the idea of taking the course, we got way more out than we expected. - Jennifer A.
If you have to do traffic school, this is the way to go. - Scott M.
I enjoyed it very much specially in the privacy of my on home I'm very grateful I will recommend it to everyone. - Maria D.
Very clever, entertaining and informative! - Adrienne S.
Excellent course I will tell all my friends , I think everybody should take this course to re fresh their memory. - Lewis W.
Tennessee Defensive Driving Course