South Dakota Defensive Driving Course
Great! Entertaining! Valuable! I LEARNED A LOT!!! - Tiffany V.

Have already told several people to take the course. It made me more aware again…and more cautious and courteous. - Robin G.

Excellent teaching and learning experience. - Hamid N.

Being a single parent it made it much easier to take this online. - Rosa B.

Wow. I really enjoyed the format and I feel as though I learned a lot! GREAT JOB. Thanks for making learning fun! - Michael N.

I really enjoy the course, it will help me to be cautious on the road and watch for everything. - Angela T.

This course was easy, extremely informative and very convenient. - Tasia K.

As I was doing this course and going to and from work, I found myself already incorporating the things I was learning. - Robert D.

I appreciated the option of doing this at home. I actually will use some of the de-stressing methods because I do drive aggressively at times. I do believe I’ll be a MUCH better driver as a result of this online defensive driving class. - Deah H.

I feel this course was outstanding. It was very effective and enjoyed all photos and videos. - Lisa W.

I loved this course and if need be would absolutely take it again! I will recommend this course to anyone who requires online traffic school! - Michael V.

Great course! Very informative and entertaining! - George F.

I’M glad I found your program. This is clearly the one I’d recommend to others. - Anthony M.

The course was fun and easy. I was expecting this to be a dreadful 4 hours, but the comedy clips kept me entertained and focused. - Ryan T.

Really enjoyed doing it this way, you can do it at your own pace, this beats sitting somewhere for 6 hours. - Lindsay P.

I appreciated the ability to complete the course over time in the comfort of my home office. It was great to be able to complete as much as I had time for in spurts over a one week period. A few laughs here and there were nice too. - Elizabeth T.

Loved this course. Even though I feel I am a safe driver this course just validated my way of thinking about driving and the road. - Claudine L.

I think this course is excellent and the information and the way you engage the viewer is well done. - Lauren P.

Good job Improv! I realized I needed these reminders and the bits of humor really helped move it along. - Valerie P.

I have tried other online courses and could not get through them. I could through this one in a couple days. Very easy and entertaining! - Kathryn M.

Although I hate to admit that this is my second interaction with this program, both times I have found it interesting and fun! - Jessica C.

Wow… I really did not expect to have as much fun as I did in this course. If you want to take one of these bad boys online, choose this site. You have my word you won’t regret it. - Robert M.

Very user-friendly format, and fun to take. I’ll use some of the jokes myself. - Anthony P.

Excellent method and presentation. I truly enjoyed the material and learned a lot. Great refresher course and will definitely improve my driving. - Debra D.

South Dakota Defensive Driving Course