South Carolina Defensive Driving Course
I am happy that I took this course because I learned a lot of important things about driving, streets, cars, rules and more, and the benefits are really good. - Dorian P.

I found the course to be more interesting than the classroom version. Being able to stop and pick up later is great. - William L.

Loved it!! I don’t have time to sit in a class because of my schedule – this was absolutely great!! Highly recommend it vs. the “old fashioned classroom.” Well presented from start to finish. - Kim S.

Great course. It was easy to complete and actually fun to do. It is well put together and included very insightful and educational learning material. Not to mention it was funny, which was unexpected for defensive driving school. - Jon D.

Great coarse… love the comedy breaks. Made it easy to learn and become aware of laws. - Brian A.

It was very convenient to take the course on line and in segments when I had time available. - Laurel B.

After reading the first few chapters I already saw areas in my driving style that required improvement. I’m proud to say thanks to this course I have made most of those corrections and improved my gas mileage from 30 miles per gallon to 34, and it keeps getting better as the weeks progress. - Steven T.

Wasn’t happy about the ticket but this course help make it a better experience. - Diane R.

It was really easy to complete this course. - Jaicy T.

I enjoyed this class. I learned a few new things, and now on will put my dog’s seat belt harness on at all times! - Stephanie G.

Found the course to be very educational. I really enjoyed the fun factor as well. The comic relief made it very engaging. I will be recommending this course to my friends and family. - Cathryn G.

I loved the fact that there were lots of jokes and animations to keep the course interesting and intriguing. I actually enjoyed reading the material which I did not think I would. I definitely learned a lot. Thank You! - Perry N.

Made it fun and easy to learn about driving safely. - Abigail W.

It was a fun and informative way to go through traffic school. My first time and hopefully I will never have to do this again but glad I chose the Improv Traffic School as my school option. - Renee Z.

I loved that the course had many facts presented but not in an exhausting, boring way! I was kept interested. - Gabrielle L.

Good presentation. Definitely made me review my driving privileges and facts about driving. - Lisa E.

Excellent and entertaining lessons! - Bobbi M.

Online with humor is a lot better than a classroom setting. - Cathy O.

I am 60 years old, never had a moving violation and received my first this past Sunday, hence the reason for having to take this course. I still learned a lot, and the information filled in my gaps of missing information as well as enabling me to review several things that I either forgot or didn’t know about. I do feel that the information gained in this course will overall make me a better and safer driver. - Michael B.

Great course! It was educational, easy, and fun! - Michelle S.

I enjoyed the course and felt that it was helpful because the humor made it easier to remember facts. - Milagros F.

I started another traffic school and could not finish it. This school is the best. - Laura W.

I really like being able to take the course at my leisure. The light-hearted comedy was welcome. Even with the comedy the course hasn’t lost the seriousness of driving. Thank you for an enjoyable course! - Darla L.

Best traffic school experience EVER!! - Vickie S.

South Carolina Defensive Driving Course