Oregon Defensive Driving Course
I enjoyed taking this course at home. I liked it more than a classroom. - Raymond Q.

This is a good refresher course for an adult who has been driving 20 years plus. - Margaret R.

I was reluctant to do traffic school over the internet, but it was faster and easier. - Tejal P.

Love you guys. Awesome stuff, made everything so easy and fast! - Cua T.

100% better than sitting in a classroom! - Alisa F.

Very funny, and well entertaining. I had no problem reading through the chapters and I even got a few really good laughs. - Thomas C.

I enjoyed the funny videos and felt that the course provided me with good tips and reminders on driving defensively. - Shaun C.

This is an excellent course and I will recommend it to any that need it. - Ronald L.

I learned a lot and I enjoyed the freedom to work at my own pace and time frame. - Dayna M.

I enjoyed the course. The information was presented in a way that kept my attention. I was looking forward to each “next chapter.” - Louis C.

I’ve taken the class and I already see a change in my driving habits. I learned some new things. The statistics were enlightening. - Robert K.

Excellent in every way. wish everyone was required to take this class - Robert B.

I particularly like this internet-based mostly for the simple fact it enabled me to go at my own pace. Also, I enjoyed the flexibility and convenience where I can come back at my own leisure and pick up where I left off. Great course! - Ismael B.

Nice informative time convenient way to do traffic school. - Jennie W.

It was fun, easy, and low stress. Much better than sitting in a boring classroom. - Tori G.

This course helped me a lot to understand the importance of being more responsible wing when driving my car. - Ana C.

The visual stories and jokes really helped to remember important information. The facts were also a good eye opener that I think many of us don’t think about. - Mariaide M.

Excellent…No boring class to attend and could do this at my leisure. - Fanny W.

Awesome class, not so cut and dry like the other traffic schools, and you learn just as much! - Olivia T.

Fun, quick, easy! Best traffic school EVER!! - Ryan Y.

It was very helpful to be able to do this on line while traveling. I learned some things as well. - Jacqueline T.

Although my record is clean, the course refreshed my memory, and gave me good strategies of how to improve my driving skills. - Ofra H.

It was nice and I did it at my convenience! - Kristin W.

I couldn’t be more thankful for this course. I really did get laughs and its was incredibly helpful with my unbelievably busy schedule. I completed it by 11:14 pm the night it was due. If you have the slightest bit of brains, you can do this. - Tabitha L.

Oregon Defensive Driving Course