North Dakota Defensive Driving Course
By far much better than taking in a classroom and more user friendly. - Tamrat A.
This was much better than sitting and listening to people! I really enjoyed the cartoons and pictures. They made this much more enjoyable! Thank you! - Amanda K.
Great layout, nice humorous twist and great, informative content. Thanks for making something that is kind of a chore be not all that bad after all. I'll definitely recommend to my friends and family! - Laci B.
Course is helpful and provides good information. - Colin H.
I found the course to be very informative and learned several things I did not know before taking the course. I certainly will implement what I have learned while driving from now on. - Joyce B.
I loved that the course had comedy about driving. It was relevant and interesting and I didn't get bored or tired. - Nakthalie B.
Well designed course easy to complete in the convenience of your own home. - Tanner S.
I didn't even have sound and the course was still very easy and amusing! I enjoyed it! - Lauren M.
Taking the course on my own time was important to me... the internet version is perfect. - Emma W.
I really like how you incorporated funny videos, commentary, and cartoons. This was an all around great experience I really learned a lot. Thank you!! - Vandon J.
I think this helped me be a better driver. - Gregg U.
Great course! It was highly helpful as well as very informative and funny. I'm still laughing! - Juan D.
Although I felt I am an excellent driver, there were several tips I was made aware of that might be helpful to me. - Claudia T.
I find myself always taking what I've learned and applying it and referencing it when speaking with others about rules of the road. - Victoria W.
It’s more convenient and less hassle to and from the classroom. This was great. - Dionne S.
Very nice and effective way to be able to take this course. I found it really easy to use and user friendly. - Nichole R.
I always thought I was a careful driver, but after taking this course I have become even more aware of the every day distractions that occur while driving. I absolutely think this course or something similar should be mandatory every few years for all drivers. It's a good refresher for everyone, regardless if they have a perfect driving record or not. - Patricia P.
This internet course is much better take for people who don't have time to go to a classroom during a scheduled time. I would recommend this to a friend. - Lauren S.
I'M very impressed. This was far better than the classroom course I took. Much more detailed. - Barbara C.
Very enjoyable and entertaining. Thanks guys for all your help. - Sarah M.
I will suggest this course to everyone I know who is qualified to take it. I found it educational as well as entertaining. - Deborah M.
This is the best course I've ever taken! I actually have learned different things, and it didn't feel force fed. - Timothy C.
This process allows me to go through the course at my own pace and makes the entire experience more enjoyable. - James M.
This was my first time taking the course. It was very informative, and makes you take a look at yourself as a driver. - Nancy S.
North Dakota Defensive Driving Course