The Importance of Clarity

Oftentimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference when it comes to safety, particularly when driving on crowded highways. Distracted drivers need every reminder they can get, and that makes it imperative to keep your exterior lights – headlights, tail lights, and turn signals clean and clearly visible.

Likewise, you need those headlights at their brightest and properly aimed when you’re driving at night. The Car Care Council spends a great deal of time studying the causes of automobile accidents. Rich White, executive director, recently made a point concerning the role clean headlights and working wipers play in safe vehicle operations. He stated, “....inspect all your vehicle lights regularly and replace any not working properly. Also, inspect and replace worn wiper blades.” These pointers are a part of the Council’s “Be Car Care Aware” program.

Watching Out for the Other Guy

A key point of all defensive driving instruction is to always assume the other driver is going to do something unsafe. There’ a lot you can learn from a defensive driving course about this problem, but one of the most important parts of defensive driving begins before you get behind the seat.

Simple actions you can take start with the issue of seeing and being seen while you are driving. To give yourself the best shot at keeping yourself out of the accident statistics, follow the suggestions above and also:

  • Use your headlights on dim during the day if there is any rain, clouds or impairments to visibility.
  • Use your headlights as a safety buffer at night. Avoid overdriving and getting into trouble because you can’t stop fast enough when a hazard suddenly appears.
  • Keep your windshield reservoir filled with quality window cleaner solution. Cutting the grease and grime not only eliminates obstruction to your sight, it helps eliminate glare both day and night.

Remember, a key part of defensive driving is being proactive and solving problems before they get a chance to occur. If you want to keep your insurance rates as low as possible, be a safer driver and take a refresher New York defensive driving course. You’ll also have the chance to earn your insurance provider discounts.

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