Every state has their own set of penalties for disobeying traffic rules and regulations. For New York, the main retribution is arguably the one that states, “Once you tally 11 points on your driving record, your license will be suspended.” The truth is, drivers may not know the best way to go about protecting their driving record. A Defensive Driving course will remove up to four points off of their driving record, but when exactly is the right time to take the class? When should you be signing up? It depends on each individual’s situation. No one wants to have their driving skills called into question, whether they've been driving for 2 hours or 20 years. But least of all, they do not want to have their license suspended. 1. After You Get a Ticket One of the most commonly asked questions New Yorkers ask when they get a traffic ticket is, “How long should I wait before I take the Defensive Driving course after I receive a ticket?” The answer is, “You should wait until the points actually show up on your NY driving record.” Depending on the court, it could take 2-6 weeks for the points to be accounted for. You can contact the traffic court or NY DMV to see if the points have been placed, or you can order your driving record to physically see if the points have been added. The defensive driving course will only remove points that are already on your record, not the ones that are “about to show up.” 2. After 18 Months So you got another ticket. Can you take another Defensive Driving course to remove those points? Yes, as long as it has been 18 months from the date of the first citation and the second citation and from the time you completed the course – then you can take the class to remove another 4 points from your record. You can take the course every 18 months if you like. 3. If You Have Points You Need Removed For many people, points from past offenses are starting to add up. It’s preferable to spend the extra money on a course to get at least 4 of those points taken off their license. After all, points can mean anything from higher insurance to potential denial for a rental car. The consequences in other words are simply more costly than taking a class. If you have 8 points on your record, you may be able to have them removed from your record in the next years. Just remember to take the course every 18 months. 4. Anytime Let's say you've never had an accident, a speeding ticket or even a parking ticket. Your record must be looking pretty good to you right about now. You're either an exceptionally responsible person of you got your license yesterday. Even though you do not have any points on your record and you think it's unlikely that you really need to learn anything about defensive driving, you will still benefit from completing the course. All insurance companies are required by NY Insurance law to give you a 10% discount on your auto policy – for three years. You will be able to start knocking off money from your monthly policy bills right away. Additional Benefits Regardless of when you sign up for a defensive driving course, there are a variety of benefits you'll receive from it. The right class can teach you how even the worst drivers in the world don't have to spoil your day, your car or your body. Not every single accident is avoidable, but many can be halted just by making a few changes with your current driving behaviors. Having more awareness can be the key, which is why these classes aren't seen as a joke by insurance companies or the DMV. Having the right tools can mean fewer accidents and more money in your pocket. For more information on the NY Insurance Law, click here Timing Is Everything In comedy, timing has everything to do with whether or not a joke lands with its audience. Even if these classes aren't a joke, it doesn't mean the material can't be made into something a bit more enjoyable. A Comedy Defensive Driving course is a great example of this! Clever and comical phrases can keep driver’s minds on what's in front of them and help them actually remember certain driving tricks, skills and maneuvers later on when they’re actually needed. If you're looking to take a New York defensive driving class, then IMPROV Traffic School may be the perfect find.