New Mexico Defensive Driving Course
Thanks for being available for questions, all service reps were very friendly and helpful. I learned a lot of information from the course. - Carol P.
Really well done. Was dreading the experience. But info was presented well, optional comedic interludes were welcome. Awesome price. Thanks!!! - Jodi G.
This course was very informative, and fun at the same time. I enjoyed it a lot. - Marianna R.
I love this!! if you have to take traffic school this is definitely the way to go!! - Monique S.
I really liked this course. It was funny and kept me paying attention. So much better than sitting in a cold, dreary room for 6 hours. - Brandon H.
I learned a number of things about changes in the law and the most important lessons on my need for attitude adjustment. - Anna H.
This class works a lot better for me for the simple fact of not having to make an appointment to attend a class all day. You can take it leave come back and finish when you have free time. - Michael G.
Good course, will make some people think before they drive poorly or impaired. - Frederick W.
I really like the way the material was presented. I liked the videos and the sample situations. I learned a lot more than when I took these classes in the class room with outdated material. This was refreshing. Thank you! - Janet N.
I always thought that taking a defensive driving class would be like going through hell... it really wasn't. It was quite a fun and educational experience. - Jacquelyn S.
Good balance of humor and gravity while getting the facts across - a great course. - Justina S.
I would recommend this course to anyone who wants or needs to take the defensive driving course. - Sherill B.
It was nice to be able to care for my infant and take the class at the same time. - Samantha O.
I will never take this course in a class setting again. I liked being able to take it at my leisure, in the comfort of my own home. I didn't have to worry about getting to a class on time or having to find a babysitter for my children. It was interesting and entertaining. Thank you. - Jill M.
Definitely a better option than spending a full day in a classroom setting. This allowed me the time to complete the course on my schedule. - Theresa C.
So much better. I loved the fact that I could do it on my own time. I wasn't forced to sit in a classroom setting for long hours at a time. Very convenient! 🙂 - Jennifer V.
It was very convenient to use, and I could learn at my own pace, excellent!!! - Gladys R.
Enjoyed learning in the comfort of home. It was very funny and kept my interest. - Desiree F.
So easy, someone who lost their license could do it, because I just did it. - Joshua S.
Great course. Loved the humor. - Lanier T.
I actually learned some important rules for the road and safety tips, Thanks! - Sandra M.
This school has made me more aware of how I drive and of others around me. - Jeanette B.
Great course! I thought I would laugh a bit while going over the usual ... but you made it engaging, interesting and gave me a couple of insights I didn't have before. - Tammy D.
This course was excellent! I liked the audio, text, and visual aids. Very well done! - Heather B.
New Mexico Defensive Driving Course