If you get a traffic ticket in Nevada there is information you may find helpful in moving through the system, and in minimizing the expenses involved. First, you should know that once yu get a citation, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (NDMV) has nothing to do with your payments and can do little to resolve your situation. Traffic tickets in Nevada are handled by the courts in the actual county where you got the ticket. They are who you need to contact for your court appearance dates, your payment information and any other questions related to your traffic ticket. The specific contact information for the court you should contact is included on your citation.

Nevada’s Point System

The State of Nevada, like most other states, uses a point system. It allows for points to be assigned to your driver license based on the moving violation you received the ticket for. These points will stay on your driving record for a period of time where they may accumulate with additional violations. The accumulation of too many points in too short a period of time can lead to other, more severe penalties. In Nevada, getting 12 points within a one year period can mean an automatic driver license suspension. The good news is that you will have fair warning before you reach that level, as the NDMV will let you know by mail once you have gotten 3 or more points on your record.

Points For Common Infractions

  • Reckless Operation: 8 pts.
  • Careless Driving: 6 pts.
  • Tailgating: 4 pts.
  • Failure to Yield: 4 pts.
  • Disregarding a traffic device: 4 pts.
  • Driving too slow: 2 pts.
  • Excessive speed up to 10mph: 1 pt.
  • Excessive speed 11-15mph: 2 pts.
  • Excessive speed 16-20mph: 3 pts.
  • Excessive speed of 21mph or more: 4 pts.
  • Speeding by 1-15 mph in a school zone: 4 pts.
  • Speeding by 16 mph or more in a school zone: 6 pts.
It is important to note that you can attend a State of Nevada approved traffic safety school, either in a classroom or online and delete 3 pts. from your driving record. This can be done once in any one year period.

The Cost of Bad Driving in Nevada

Along with fines, court costs, and the points added to your license, traffic tickets in Nevada may effect the cost of your auto insurance. You’ll want to check with your specific insurance agent or company for details, because some companies only increase rates based on convictions, while others may not increase rates if you’ve eliminated the ticket through traffic school. Safe, defensive driving is your best way to avoid the problems associated with a traffic ticket in Nevada. Defensive driving is using anticipation to be ready to react to situations involving other drivers, or even pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways. By looking ahead and around you when driving, and anticipating what other drivers may do, you can avoid many negative situations on the highway. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for safe drivers and for drivers who have pro-actively attended an online or in-person traffic school. Contact your insurance carrier for details. While many court in Nevada offer their own traffic school programs, you can attend any Nevada DMV approved course.