Maryland Defensive Driving Course
This course was super fun and easy! It was nice to be able to do this course in the comfort of my own home at my own pace. I'm so glad this option is available and will definitely recommend this course to anyone that has to take it. - Cecile C.
It was very informative and convenient. - Michael R.
The course was very enlightening and informative. I learned a ton of stuff I did not know. - Nigel R.
It was easy and fun to get it done. - Katherine R.
I found the course very riveting. It was enjoyable to go through as well as educational. It is the only way I will go through this course anymore. - Michael C.
It was a heap of fun and super simple. Beats sitting in a class for hours! - Kaitlyn L.
I really liked this internet course. It really related things to me and put it in perspective. So much better than listening to someone talk at you for 6 hours. The content was put in video form, comics, and text in a way that was easy to understand and to the point. - Jacqueline E.
This a great alternate to the actual classroom. With work and family, it would have been very difficult to actually set aside time to go to a classroom and complete a course. - Michael V.
It was fast and easy and I liked that I could logout and then log back in at another time. - James W.
Thanks for making this a tolerable and almost enjoyable experience. I hate to admit it, but I actually learned something. - Jodi W.
I recommend all drivers to take a defensive driving course, because the questions are not hard to understand. I enjoyed every bit of this experience. - Clara F.
This was the second time I have used this course and it is very informative. It brings up important topics that can be easily overlooked or forgotten after driving for 10+ years. Good Course and flexible with busy lifestyles. - Rebecca B.
Taking this course will improve my driving behavior. I learned many good thing hear that are useful. After taking this course, I realized that I was missing a lot while driving. This course will make me aware and cautious on the road. - Diarassouba A.
The material that was covered in this course was helpful and informative. It shows how the driver today acts and gives helpful hints on how to deal with every day issues with driving. - John D.
There was some important information that I learned that will make me a more cautious driver. The Information was given in a comical manner that helped the course go by faster. - Saray M.
Super super fast and easy. I LOVED it! - Brian R.
Thank you for providing a fun and informative course. I actually learned several new things. - Heather J.
Great course and loved that I was able to take it at my convenience. Thanks. - Meridith B.
Excellent course, engaging and straightforward. - Nicholas K.
I'M glad that I chose Improv Traffic School! Not only was it fun and easy, it was quite entertaining with those comical relief moments throughout the session! - Eugene P.
It was nice to be able to take it at my own pace. If I wanted to stop to get something to eat or answer the phone I had no problems doing so. It was great. - Catherine D.
It was really easy and fun to complete this course. Basically, I re-learned a lot and will improve my driving even more. - Carmen S.
Helpful, thought provoking; I already see changes in my driving style. Thank you, the laughter really helped me get through the program. - Ann M.
I was required to take this course, but I feel like I learned a lot more than I expected. I think this is a great course and all drivers should take it! - Megan J.
Maryland Defensive Driving Course