Iowa Defensive Driving Course
Not bad; I liked the humor, and I liked that your program was less visually cluttered than most other traffic school sites I looked at. - Candice L.
A nice way to learn at my own pace. - Diane S.
Liked the course.. being able to complete it on my own time is a big plus. Plus it was very informative and entertaining. - Joel I.
Very grateful for this format - as a single mother with two kids I could do this from the comfort of my home, rather than figuring out what to do with the kids while I sat in a classroom! - Barbara P.
Amazing. Simply amazing. I have never experienced a perfect blend of fun and learning like this before. I had great laughs along the way and learned a handful of vital new things concerning traffic rules and road safety that I was personally unaware of prior to taking this course. Hands down one of the most entertaining and informative programs out there. I am definitely recommending this driving school to everyone. - Carl I.
I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and I enjoyed the video's. It was entertaining as well and educational. It kept your interest in the various subject matters. - Elizabeth M.
Very informative. In that driving is a privilege, all drivers today should be required to take this course periodically. This should be made a law. There is no excuse for driving while impaired, road rage, and the breaking the rules. Just many lives would be saved if delinquent drivers were made to take and pass this course having learned to drive the right way. - Joseph B.
Excellent course, enjoyed taking it. - Bessalel Y.
I thank you for making this available for me. The reminders were valuable making me more aware of situations, and events I may have become lax in regarding safety on the road. - Joseph E.
Best class ever. It makes the best out of a bad situation and made the punishment more bearable! - Aimee L.
It was nice to take the course at my own pace. I learned things that were interesting as well as necessary to improve my driving skills. - Michael V.
Traffic school was actually fun! - Gina B.
Unlike many classes that I have taken throughout my career, this one had easy to read material and entertaining videos and comic strips. - Alexandria H.
Really nice course to take. I would advertise this to my family and friends. Very convenient and you can take it at your own pace. I will definitely take this online course again!!! - Abdelkadr A.
I really learned a great deal in this course, I am now trying to be a more defensive driver. - Darla S.
The course was very engaging, I like the pictures and the comics to really emphasize the importance of each point made. Good job!! Definitely recommend to anyone who needs to take this class or should take this class as a refresher. - Grace L.
This is the best online driving school course I have taken. Although I have not taken many, it was the funniest and most entertaining. Believe it or not, but I learned a bit more due to the fact that it was entertaining. - Patri P.
This made traffic school a breeze and was totally worth it! - Megan F.
Great job for people that need to do the course at home and can not get to an all-day classroom. - Michael Z.
I initially did not believe an on-line one could be that effective. After completing it, I am a TRUE believer and a changed driver. I highly recommend this alternative delivery method by Improv! - Ramoncito D.
Great course! Covered pertinent material but in an entertaining way. Thanks! - Lea H.
I am a truck driver and see and do a lot of the different habits out there. I didn't have time to sit in a course on there given hrs. It worked out just fine for me all the way around. - Thomas R.
Great computer class. I enjoyed it a lot more than in a classroom. - Shirley S.
Good refresher coarse. Everyone should take this every so often to keep themselves sharp. - Michael S.
Iowa Defensive Driving Course