Hawaii Defensive Driving Course
Very helpful defensive driving course. I feel better equipped to handle dangerous situations after taking this course. - Kristine R.
I think this is a great way to present the necessary material for the defensive driving course. The classroom environment is not always the best way to take this course as the course can lag due to the poor presentation of the instructor. I would recommend this to anyone. - Paul G.
Excellent course set up, but more importantly, excellent customer service! - Katelyn W.
This course was very educational and informative. I would recommend it to all my friends. - Pola A.
The course was loaded with valuable information that I think everyone could benefit from to make the world a safer place to travel! - Robert D.
Kept my interest more than course given in classroom. - Carole A.
Great course - It made me realize a few things I didn't know. - Laura Z.
I will always choose a flexible internet course over a classroom. - Katelin K.
I was amazed by how you made me realize my aggressive attitude is so detrimental. - Barry C.
The material was well written and to the point, it was relatively easy to read and understand. The Pit Stop humor added fun to the course. Overall, I enjoyed taking the course and would recommend it. - Robert Z.
I preferred the online course vs the classroom. During the online course if you need a break, you can get up and walk around and then go back to where you left off. I was able to break it up and work it around my busy schedule. - Donna P.
This course is quite informative and very helpful for drivers. - Shelley M.
Great job putting together a well designed online traffic course. I was really entertained by learning and refreshing my defensive driving knowledge. - Sheryl M.
It was very easy to read and understand, the humor was a good touch that kept it interesting. - Tyler O.
Great course, I really liked the comic side of the course. Made things more interesting. Loved the convenience of being able to do a chapter at a time and come back when I felt like it. Much better than a classroom setting. After receiving my law degree I swore I would never step into another class so this method was perfect. I will use this program again when my time is up and will recommend this class to others. - Steven S.
This was convenient, entertaining and taught well. - Gretchen P.
Very informative course and an excellent review of driving laws. I would highly recommend this course! - Christine B.
I learned some things I didn't know and it gives me understanding about driving and knowing the laws. - Cassandra W.
I just loved this course and wish I hadn't been so leery to get started. Love it and especially the time I saved having to sit in a boring classroom! - Carole B.
I really like the internet course. - Jayashree T.
Great program, will recommend to friends and family! Would also use again myself. - Tyler W.
I learned/refreshed my driving skills and knowledge and some of the statistics really surprised me. I do feel that this experience will definitely improve my driving. - Alan R.
Thank you Improv Traffic School! Funny and easy! I'd highly recommend to anyone! - Felicia D.
It was great being able to complete this at home as I have a special needs child and child care can be an issue so this was perfect, thank you! - Kathleen S.
Hawaii Defensive Driving Course